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Megaman Joins the Crew

Hi my name is Megamantrinity and I will tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a minecraft junky. I love to build. Mostly I enjoy building towers. In real life I am a security manager. I have a decade of experience leading security officers in a casino gaming atmosphere. I am very big on rules and enjoy playing when the rules are clearly defined and followed. 

I was a part of a minecraft server. Pyxis was the name, and it was a lot like this server. It died, as the owner didn't really like minecraft to begin with. he just wants to meet people land host a forum. Whatever... Fact is, I am happy to have found this server, and it seems like everything I could ask for. 

I am opinionated, and hard to set off. I dont really like associating with people I don't know, but I can warm up fast if players are respectful and mindful of the rules. When I do get mad, I tend to hold a grudge. its a weakness of mine. I am trying to beat it. 

anyway thats who I am. Nice to meet you all. I am disabled thanks to an issue id rather not get into here, so I will be on from time to time, any time. Day or night.


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