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Hoppers Can Suck It

Has anyone else dealt with buggy hoppers?

I have a very large number of hoppers in my inventory system, but the system often breaks because a previously-working hopper will suddenly stop passing material.  The only fix I know right now is to remove the hopper and replace it - which fixes the immediate problem but doesn't fix the general problem.

The hopper failure rate doesn't seem to be tied to the number of hoppers.  I had the problem back when I was laying down the first ones, and it doesn't seem to have gotten worse as their number grew (except that the number of busted hoppers went up as the number of hoppers to bust went up).

I haven't experienced this problem on droppers or other units, just hoppers.  It doesn't seem to be a security issue - I removed all security from the chests and other items completely.  I set a Hopper flag for the residence, but it made no difference that I could see.  Hoppers with complex connections seem no more likely to fail than hoppers with simple ones.  The only common factor I can see right now is it it only seems to happen with hoppers that have horizontal connections to other hoppers

If you want to see what I have up now (maybe I'm doing something horribly wrong) go to /res tp temple.hq.  It's ugly (for now) but functional (other than occasional hopper failure).


  • I had a similar issue.  I noticed it got worse as I added more hoppers so I adjusted the design to use less.  I was building an auto smelter so it was easily scalable.
  • ive seen things like that before idk what the cause is.  
  • Lol wasn't me.
  • are the chests and/or hoppers locked? and are the hoppers powered?
  • The problem ended up resolving itself, so whatever it is it's not permanently disabled.  The act of entering (or leaving) the area seems to have an impact as well (it was still broken when I logged in, but worked again when I left and returned).

  • THen I think its something with the redstone
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