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Potential problem with new spawn location

I noticed on the map that the spawn location was moved so I started to explore the area.  The first direction I went in, I only got about 300 blocks before I got "You have reached the edge of this world."  I don't really care, but I wanted to point it out because new people won't be able to go far in the -X direction.


  • EDIT: +X direction 
  • This didnt happen for me.  Can anyone else verify this?
  • Is this when you died? Have you slept in a bed or sethome anywhere else? Or is this just the /warp spawn?
  • i went to +1000 and it didnt end
  • Do we have any kind of borderguard or similar plugins that limit users below a certain class?  That was a really specific message it gave him, but the coordinates are nowhere near the limits.
  • edited March 2015
    I showed Ceg what I was talking about.  I'll explain better here.  The map on this site has the world spawn at roughly (19450,71 10461).  As I try to cross (19770, yy, 10461), I get the end of the world message and get teleported back a couple blocks.
  • the spawn point on the map is off for some reason
  • What happened to the map? It seems way off. I can't even find my tower on it at all.
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