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Right now things are calm - we have few or no problem people and few infractions.

Often you can just ban a problem, but things can get complex - sometimes a valued member may do something stupid, or maybe younger players sometimes need to be straightened out.  Sometimes you want something in-game, with fewer consequences for lighter crimes, especially as the server population grows.

Here's the question: Do we want a prison?  A prison is any place that a player can be sent to where they cannot escape.  Normally either the region the prison is in disallows teleports or you demote that player to a "convict" access level (with no /home, /tp or /warp access).  A prison can range from a simple box (or pit) that you send (or throw) people into.  There are plugins that manage imprisonment (letting them out after days, hours, or minutes), though in our case we can just give mods the ability to release people.  You also have to deal with death - it doesn't help if you can off yourself and respawn elsewhere.

If we do want a prison, where do we want it?  Ideally I'd say put it in Spawn, in a prominent location where people can see and go to it.  Do we want to allow anyone to come by and look at the prisoners?  Do we want to give prisoners an actual environment to roam around in instead of just a box with bars?  If we build one, we can be purely functional about it (just a place to put people out of the way for a bit) or we can go all out (complete with a prison complex and potential routes for escape - making it a PvE of sorts).

It would also make for an interesting group project.

Any interest?


  • I think it's a good idea. Mongol and I were talking about making a zoo that could also serve as a somewhat humiliating prison. It would also be cool to make some type of mountain-top prison in the hills next to spawn.
  • /warp jail
  • Yes... but if so we need to make a town hall where people can be judged :P
  • we could use a formal building but i did build a jail cell under spawn
  • The jail is also my bedroom. Definitely not a place you want to be...
  • also to avoid them killing themselves, make them constantly regen in the prison, also sry again for not being on, life is currently busy
  • Let them chat too. If it gets too bad we'll mute them but they need to be able to chat.
  • Combine the prison and the court building.  During (public) trial and sentencing the accused can be tp'd into an inescapable glass box or other restraint, tried, and either execute them right there on the spot in the courtroom by a number of means (lava, drowning, crushing - all at the touch of a button) or press another button and the floor of the box opens and drops them into a prison cell or directs them to a selected sentence/punishment.  All of this should be easily visible to spectators.

    Water channels can be used to push them towards one of multiple destinations, but I haven't found a way to do it that can't be fought against.  The last thing we want is a hardened criminal clogging up a Punishment Selection Tube by resisting the flow - though they could only keep it up for so long.

    Realistically it's just a fun way to complicate behavioral management, as opposed to dropping temp and perma bans.  On the other hand, it's a lot more fun than just typing a command and disappearing them.
  • That seems like a project that will get started but never finished. And also will rarely be used. It's a cool idea but I don't think it will be used enough to have to go through all the trouble.
  • True.  A simple inescapable pit would serve a similar purpose.
  • All it would promote is for an inmate to afk and do something else. If you set it up in a way you can't afk people will likely just leave the server. Cool idea but I must say I disagree with it.
  • I sort of agree with brbdogsonfire. But anyone who has put in enough time on the server will likely not want to just quit due to being in prison. I think the answer lies in making the prison a challenge to accomplish. Make it more interactive. Make it so a person has to do something hard in order to get out. make them fight a bunch of monsters with no equipment, or make them wade a lava pit or something. something that will kill them a few times before it gets accomplished. This way they have incentive to stay, they learn their lesson due to inevitable deaths and humiliation, and they hopefully will not want to do it again. 
  • edited March 2015
    I'm not sure we really need a prison system with the people we have now, but it might be good to have as more and more people join.  If we do have a prison, I agree with Megaman.  I would rather see it be a stupidly difficult challenge course than a time-out box.  Something with a parkour course, redstone traps and puzzles, lava-enderpearl course (something like this for lava-enderpearl ).  Things like that.
  • edited March 2015
    I understand the idea of making a challenging course, but I don't know if we want to make it fun to go to prison.
  • it wont be fun to die over and over. especially if they go to prison with everything they have on them when they are sent.

    after watching the video, theres no way anyone is getting this on their first try, or second try, or third. maybe even fourth.
  • I've been working on a draft version of a sentencing chamber in a local game, along with the control console to operate it.  It's not certain we even want such a thing, but I thought it would be good to work out the technical details just in case.  It's a design that calls for a court building combined with a prison (since the prison has to be below the court).  The Box itself is complete, though I don't have much of a court/prison built around it.

    The Sentencing Chamber is designed for everything from mild slaps on the wrist, to a time-out in a dungeon, to turning a ban into server-wide entertainment.  It's questionable as to how useful this might actually be, but it would sure be fun.  It's built more because-we-can and to show off some redstone than for actual utility.  Ironically, an execution is a lighter punishment than imprisonment/banning.  It also can double as a way to draw some attention to the server, but it might also draw the wrong kind of attention.

    Here's how it operates: The prisoner either walks into The Box (if cooperative) or is teleported straight into it.  The box can open and close as needed.  From there you can perform one or more of the following actions:
    * drop them into the dungeon (time-out)
    * crush them right there in the box (just a little, or until dead)
    * drowning (either as an "interrogation technique" or as execution)
    * burning (same as drowning, except lava)
    * release them (by opening the gate)

    Note that while I think the whole idea is hilarious and a great way to provide a family-friendly group activity in the form of public trials and executions, I'm not as certain about keeping the drowning/burning options as they are slightly more graphic than crushing.  I also think that we would have to exercise some judgement in using it, with it sometimes being better to just tp them straight to the dungeon or just do an on-the-spot ban.

    Also note that we don't need this system right now, but as activity grows so will problems, and simple kickbans are so boring.  :)

    I'm also working out a piston-driven system to slowly force a prisoner into a cell (since they can fight water).  Right now the jail model I'm following is a single holding cell (w/ a "guest" area where we can come and gawk at them in person).

    One or two technical issues:
    * getting them into the box: we need to be able to tp them into it directly, preferably without a mod having to go into the box and /bring them.  This may already be possible.
    * keeping them in the box/dungeon: preventing them from using /home or any tp command.  Can be fixed by assigning them a "Convict" access level.

    Needless to say, the Turkish government does NOT approve of something like this in-game, though they certainly would love to have something like this in real life.

  • lol. Though i have some question/comments about the rules of it. 
    1. Will the prisoner get to drop the stuff they have at home first?
    2. There should be an opening allowing guestd to through snowballs in there 
    3. Couldn't a prisoner use water breating/fire protection to save themself? 
  • I like the idea of an almost very nearly impossible challenge to sort of earn freedom from prison. I would like to suggest the idea of an unlit, intricate labyrinth that inmates must navigate without any or very minimal wooden tools and no torches. The other ideas listed are also excellent, and I always applaud ideas inspired by Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter, as I am a big fan of the company.
  • Bugs: depending on why they're in there, they would usually be given the opportunity to drop their stuff off.  I'm working on fitting hoppers into the system to capture anything lost, but the redstone is already a bit crowded as it is.  Water-breathing and FP will only work for so long, and the "judge" controls how long the water/lava is flowing.

    Hydrogen: I'm all for giving prisoners something to do, and even making an escape-the-prison game, but the first purpose of a prison is to put problem people there, just short of banning them - and giving those a way to escape is counter-productive.  How about two areas to be dropped/tp'd into - one for regulars (either there for an infraction or just for laughs), and the other for people we don't know and who we don't want to let out without our deciding to.
  • You can shorten my name by addressing me as Bee, it cool, haha. And I see your point, but I was suggesting that the escape rate be very very incredibly slim for anyone ever. A separate system, as you suggested, would be best, as you intend for more serious offenses to be treated in a more severe way.
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