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Imperial Star Destroyer :)

This I partly a request for stone/cobblestone and partly a help request

For the request part I have 8 chests set up at /res tp stone and 8 more chests at spawn with a sign in between them I am requesting donations of stone and cobblestone

For the help part if I am online and you have nothing you want to do feel free to tell me if you want to help :)


  • The afk cobble grinder is always open. Just refil the lava buckets as needed.
  • once im done with my tower, i will send you my cobble
  • Pyro: The stuff I added to the back is mostly to work out engine placement and size.  It's just a draft (positions and sizes need adjustment), but it's something for you to start from.

    I also started building in a grid pattern, mostly because I got tired of laying down stone and not seeing much result.  The grid follows the current pattern, so that should make it easier to work out anywhere you want to alter it.  It should also make that monster project look a little more doable.
  • thanks ehickey for everything youve been doing and for the engines i already have an idea i just havnt done anything on that part yet cause im not there
  • also would it be possible to make that grid on the other half to?

  • i will buy smoothstone for 1 diamond block a dc and cobble at 5 diamonds a dc
  • i've donated 2 dc of cobble and a cobble grinder :) waz that worth? also can you give permision to go to my grinder?
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