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Have you finished all your projects?  Are you getting bored?  Then have I got a job for you.  I have a res called ConstructionZone that I am trying to level and I would like some help.  It's a 300x300 res that I want to make it flat at sea level (y = 63).  The catch: I want to keep all the stone, dirt, granite, diorite, andisite, and sand.  Anyone who helps is free to have any ores or other things they may find.  I've got a couple chests with some tools and chests to put the blocks I want in.  If anyone wants to help, I would greatly appreciate it.


  • What... is there a reward... DIAMONDS?
  • edited March 2015
    You mean the reward of knowing you helped someone isn't enough?  :)  I would be willing to give anyone I see helping a 1 time payment of some diamonds.
  • Cool
    I'll help you for sure
  • aww, if I could keep the stone, I would totally help so I could further my tower. I may come help if I see you online.
  • edited April 2015
    So, this is turning out to be a bit bigger than I thought it would be, so I'm going to make a change.  Anyone who helps can keep whatever cobblestone, ore, gravel, sand, etc. they want to keep.  I still want the diorite, granite and andesite though.

    This means I have a great cobblestone quarry for anyone working on a project :)
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