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Turkey calls us out over the inhumane treatment of mobs

edited March 2015 in General
It is with great sadness that I have to report that Minecraft may be banned in Turkey in the near future.

Turkish authorities, concerned about rampant violence against innocent mobs, are starting the process of banning the game in their country.  This has forced me to reassess my own behavior.  I can't count how many mobs I've killed over the years, often going out of my way to do so.  It's not just self-defense.  There's a practice here where we force newborn mobs into a tiny crowded box, then kill them all without mercy.  Admit it, you've probably done this too - and you most likely did it just for the sheer experience of it.

I am concerned that we may lose the large number of Turkish players currently playing on the server.  It could disrupt the community and lead to a complete breakdown of our society.

So here's the question: Should we give mobs equal rights?  Should anti-pvp protections apply to them, and should we ban anyone who harms them without provocation?  More than that, should we allow them to become a resident if they apply and remain spawned for at least two weeks?


  • I think this is a legitimate issue on the server. It's completely inhumane and violent. It's something that should be stopped. I say we set up a plugin that temp bans players for every mob they kill.

    We should give them their own section on the forums for ban appeals, residence applications and staff applications, along with giving them free reign of the curent forums.
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    You commi you will never take my right to slaughter these hostile mobs from me.

    It starts with basic right but then they will demand the right to vote and then one day your daughter is dating a zombie and do you want a zombie to be at your dinner table? No? I didn't think so.
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    OH MY GLOB NO! I have total respect for everyone in turkey but i dont think we should change our minecraft ways due to this. Banned for killing a cow. D:!
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    Also people all around the world kill animals for food... its a human thing
  • edited March 2015
    Also if it really becomes a problem we can change the gamemode to peaceful...
  • Its a joke bugs
  • edited March 2015
    Oh  nevermind 
    So its not for real?
  • The part about Turkey banning the game is real.  The rest of it not so much.
  • oh good/bad/good :P 
  • The inhumane slaughter of mobs in the game is really saved for the hostile mobs. It is Mojang's intelligence that has created a system where non aggressive entities are spared from most attacks. We really only harvest non aggressive mobs when we need to. I know I kill a cow or two, but I put the drops to good use. I don't go out of my way to harm innocent creatures unless I am driven to by necessity.

    In short, playing a football game doesn't make me a pro athlete. A doctor game doesn't make me a surgeon. Minecraft doesn't make me a murderer and a puncher of trees. 

    Turkey needs to lighten its meat and be a little more delicious.
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  • were THE HECK is that picture from?
  • Spiderman 3 bloopers.

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