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Minecraft Server Status

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Megaman needs you!

Hi. I am submitting my application for Residency for permanency of Communitycraftcy. Here are my credentials:

I have been playing Minecraft since alpha. Owned my own server for a while. Helped to Mod and manage other servers throughout my time.
I am addicted to Minecraft and am constantly on at all hours of the day and night.
I make a good addition to the game by bringing witty banter, friendly advice, and am fluent in being a tactful jerk.
I have built a home under water, complete with underwater farm, a huge tower is almost complete with a vertical maze that I don't let anyone forget. 
I plan on staying because, lets face it, where else am I going to get to see a dog on fire, or a hickey run the game?

For the future:
My area will become a sprawling city of tunnels, towers, buildings, and trade. I hope to have more people build around me so the town will become a hot spot for activity. I plan on designing roads, stables for animals, tunnels around and through the water, and possibly statues of my favorite people. I suck at statues. so probably no statues. 

If elected to your human group of cyber adventurers, I promise to do my best to continue to interact with you strange people, and be nice as often as possible.. 

vote Megaman '15


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