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Ghosts in Minecraft, and Craftable Mob Eggs.

edited March 2015 in General
Using some command blocks, it is possible for us to have graves spawn when we die, as well as "ghosts" wielding our items.

Also using the testfor command we can make mob eggs craftable.

Make grappling hooks out of fishing rod..

Just want to hear your thoughts

Yes all this would be in vanilla minecraft


  • edited March 2015
    Oh and even make us ride fireworks!

    Even controlling mobs if I got this right, in other words make a race were you have to guide your mob through a maze using a control pad
  • edited March 2015
    Or reverse it so we have chickens controling us, while we try and hit eachother

    EVEN tesla coils :D
  • I don't like the idea of my ghost running around with my items, if he falls into lava or something, or I cant find him when I want my stuff back...

    The rest of everything sounds awesome.

  • edited March 2015
    Do zombies avoid lava, if so then it will.

    And bugs before you say anything, these are completely different mechanics then the one that cause dyour thing to almost destroy everyones Minecraft.
  • bugsblock: this is NOT a good idea, me and ceg already know
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