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what materials are needed?

In an attempt to promote more trade and a better economy I would like to consider what the server is low on overall.

For me I never can keep enough iron for my builds. What else do we have problems with?


  • PvE is desperatly in need of anything bookshelf related
  • lapiz, slimeballs, gunpowder, rotting flesh, string, etc
  • stone.... lots of stone.
  • has any thought been put into an iconomy mod? On my old server there was a great setup where people could sell just about anything for an electronic currency that was kept up to date by the system. Killing mobs gave a set amount of money that had diminishing returns over time. So you couldnt abuse the system. You could place a sign that had the item name, the price, the amount pr sale, and you could just right click the sign and pay money to get the item. 

    This provided entire shopping areas springing up, with people who would dedicate their shops to certain items. This was good on multiple levels. If you had the money you could buy almost anything. People would come online just to stock their goods, which can be fun all in itself. You could set it up backwards if you needed something, and people could sell you stuff directly. Also you could transfer funds by hand if you didn't want to use a shop.

    Some players would inevitably try to control the market, and it was fun watching them work. Then another player would drop his prices and screw the whole thing up, lol. Economy is so much fun. 
  • We had an economy plugin on our old server. It didn't work out well.
  • Ive always wanted to add a plugin heavy server that has an economy and such... But there hasnt been enough players to support it
  • The economy model we used had 2 major flaws. First MCmmo was the worst part as it made honestly everything to easy to get. Secondly the cats (our currency) was setup in a way that diamonds were always a flat amount of 500 cats. Due to this prices very quickly became stagnant and diamond mining was the only way to receive money on the server. We would have to develop a system that stopped the stagnant value of diamonds which is something I can't figure out. Although I'd love a economy model I wouldn't support one unless these issues were resolved.
  • And to mega man the problem with a system like that is a player can easily setup a grinder that produces large amount of mobs to quickly gain a large amount of money making money useless very quickly.
  • I think that system Mega described does sound interesting. Depending on how the diminishing returns-design worked.

    Personally I am very unfamiliar with MC economy mods and which ones are popular.
  • I'm going to make a list of materials people are low on and I'll add and remove from the.list as people let me know what is needed. I'll try to get on later and make a sign people can update outside of spawn that anyone can update. Please keep this limited to what you are chronically low on so we can hopefully get people trying to produce materials we need to better help the economy.
  • The way it worked was that if you killed the same mob more than once, it would recieve a 50 percent deduction in awards. besides, killing mobs never netted more than 10p at most. killing the dragon was worth 50 I think. but seriously:

    your at a zombie spawner and you killed a zombie. you get 8. the second one gives you 4, the third gives you 2. then after that, you dont get anymore. then youd have to go find another spawner to reset it. if the other spawner is a skeleton and you kill it and it nets you 8. then you could bounce back and forth and kill one from each and with an hour or so you might have 100. maybe. its hard to cheat the system if its designed to make it not worth it to cheat. 

    also, dont set any prices. thats the problem. let the players decide on the prices. This makes it easier for the prices to flux and for money to move. 
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