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economy ideas

I put some thought into this idea about making an ecomomy system that would work. Here are my ideas.

Mobs: If we make the amount of money pitiful, then even mob spawners would be a drag to use. Diminishing returns could add to this as I explained in my last post. if a single mob nets 5 points, and it halves for each mob you kill thats the same. it would take a very special mob generator to make money off of that. 

You could also limit the number of spawnable mobs in a grinder, thus making it even harder to use grinders for just about every purpose. 

You could also try to make all mobs function the same with diminishing returns, so no matter what mob you kill, your first kill for each hour is 10 points, the second is 5, and the third is 2, the fifth is 1 and then you have to wait another hour to get any more points off of mobs. 

I would like to point out the second benefit of this method, if its doable, it would require people to show up more often and stay longer in order to accumulate money. 

If you don't want to use mobs as a main form of monetary gain, what about resources? I remember hearing that the server once used diamonds. I say we use the opposite. We use cobble. 

Cobble is tough to generate reliably, even cobble generators don't really work as well as just mining normally. If we make a stack of cobble worth 10 points, then that would be a reliable way to get money without any real way of cheating. Even if you make the best cobble generator out there, it might be just as easy as farming cobble the legit way. I've never seen a cobble generator that is more profitable than going into a mine and mining it yourself. 

I would suggest multiple double chests worth of space to keep whatever is turned in, so that way admins or mods could use turned in resources for the good of the server. If you set a few different types of resources like wool (another hard one to cheat) or sandstone, then there could be enough resources for a server build. Something that the staff could work on that might benefit the server. 

Anyway, these are my thoughts. what do you guys think?


  • The problem isn't with money being gotten by killing mobs, but rather that someone could rule the market on lets say bones if they got a grinder set up.
  • Mega I think the problem you will run into when discussing economy mods is that some members are wary of an economy mod since the last one failed so miserably. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but it seemed somewhat implied that there would be no economy mods when this server branched off from the old one. 

    I personally am open to hearing about economy mods, although I do think the current trading on the server has been working well (for the most part).
  • I'm not very friendly towards economy plugins, though I'm always open to trying something new.

    One reason I don't like economy (or any artificial currency) is that I prefer commodity exchange.  It's hard to build up vast wealth that way, but it keeps people interacting and keeps anyone from being "poor".  So many things are available through grinders and other industry that half of the commodities out there would have to be incredibly cheap.  I used to dislike using diamonds, and I still prefer to use multiple commodities as currency, but I do think that diamond is much more natural to the game than plugin-based money.  If our supply is too small to support easy exchanges, we can fix that by injecting more into the supply (like through labor, with a project intending to distribute XX new diamonds into the market).  The main concern there is inflation - it was runaway on NBC for a while due to too much and too loose injection.

    I didn't care for the economy plugins on CraftCat - it was a major reason why I was rarely ever there.  It might have been the implementation of it, but I didn't like the economy in general.  Most of all, though, I hated vendors.  Trades should be done in person, as a player-to-player transaction, not with a sign and a space some player you don't know set up set up in a shop somewhere.  Maybe that's just me, though.

    Trading has worked here, more or less.  The problem is usually limitations on what's available at any given moment rather than finding a way to valuate it. Most of the complaints right now are more over a lack of participation in donations (most of it is just coming from a few of us) and difficulty engaging others in projects. We can promote that in-game, but any promotion would require participation to work.

  • Economy will only work if items couldn't be sold to the "server" On we had an admin shop where items could be bought and sold. People could go mine for a bit and then sell whenever they wanted. the admin shop allowed for endless addition of wealth into the economy. If we remove the ability to sell to the "server" then I believe it would work a lot better and have some other way to get money. Such as mob kills, time on the server, blocks mined. If you get money for those things and only sold between other players I believe an economy would work. Having the ability to add currency to the economy whenever you felt like it caused a lot of issues. This probably would over complicate things but this is definitely something to think over if an economy is going to be added.
  • I get it, there has been some bad times with econ mods and people are distraught about it for multiple reasons. That's fine. I just watch the server as I play and see concerns pop up. I see problems like a person telling another person that he will only trade his mass wealth of goods for diamonds, and refusing to let anyone use his grinder or iron farm. 

    Regardless of what system we use for economy, we are going to have people who are poor, and people who are rich. There will always be those with iron farms and grinders that will have double chests full of everything they could ever want, and those of us who don't have grinders and farms who will wish they had those commodities.  

  • Night Crafter, ruling the market is a good thing in all honesty. If you have a monopoly on selling a certain supply, that gives you money to spend. It also gives incentive for other players to undercut you for profit. 
  • Yeah accept sometimes you can't undermine them without you being helped by them *cough* CEGryphony rules the marker *cough*
  • edited April 2015
    Though would it be good for new people on the server? It might be stressful and make them want to leave. For example, I use to be part of a small server, using a money mod. I remember a new person joining. Though as soon as he heard that he had to pay to trade, he was out. I do really like the trading way, it make minecraft seem more "normal". We wouldn't want that :P t wouldn't be great since in the trading idea, you have to work hard to get stuff to trade. But with the admins shop idea, or any auto money mod, it would be easy to chop down a tree and get a great reward. Though it could be useful for people who have been on this server for a while, it'll be a pain in the back for newer people. So I vote no. 

  • If we had an economy that each player received a small amount upon joining the server then received a small amount of money and upon making resident would receive a fair amount. This would limit currency on but still allow Ubu to pay players for projects he wants for the server to be complete.
  • What im seeing is that most players like the idea of an economy, but it needs to be done right.  I will think about it but am still up to players ideas...
  • edited April 2015
    So all players new or not would get some IF we did it? Also, if you already have 3 residents you'd get payed for them? And what kind of server projects? Like pve, the SD, the noob shack, a soccer_field? :)
  • pve is me thing, but problem is how long it takes. But yes I could actually pay people with ig currency.
  • To Bugs: It is not a pay per residence it is a each resident gets paid 1 time when they get promoted to resident. and server projects would be at the sole discretion of Ubu if implemented but would probbably be things like working on spawn or building a public farm for people and keeping it stocked type of thing. 

    The advantage of this would be if he wanted a simple build he could have people bid for the job, but if he wanted a grand build he could offer a set pay to someone he thinks could handle it. This would allow essentially a craftsmen profession on the server something that honestly is impossible without an economy setup and finding a fair price in diamonds for a large project is...hard to say the least.
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