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Lets talk about getting an economy

edited April 2015 in News
Some players have brought up the idea of using an economy plugin on the server.  I am looking to get the thoughts of the players on this for some input.  How i am looking at setting it up is listed below.  

  • Players get 1000 when joining the server
  • Player gets 2000 when promoted to resident
  • Players can get more for server projects and such
  • No money from mobs
  • No way to sell to the server
Amounts listed can be changed but is a starting point. 

Please post any thoughts on this plan.  

This in no way means that it will be implemented im currently gathering peoples thoughts on the idea


  • I like the idea, I would say increase the amount for becoming a resident to a nice round 5000. This way it seems much more valuable for someone to become a resident. It will also make the base player have more to start and promote trade. 

    We could (further down the road) even have server events for instance. I have considered building a hunger games arena for a while now, and it would allow players to compete for a "cash" prize.
  • BUT FIRST lottery!
  • We would have to come up with rules for that :)
  • I have an idea on how to do it but first! Can you buy stuff for negative amounts?
  • night_crafter right now we are just considering if we will get an economy plugin
  • :I as i have said in previous posts, i know this will be a bad idea. For the past week, i have been asking friends from school to join a 100% survival server. They signed up right away. In this day in age, most servers' purpose is to win minigames to buy cools prizes. I think this server is more like, "Survive and thrive with freinds." And i would like it to stay like this. My one question about it is, can you buy ANYTHING? I have been trading custom enchants and special armor. Is that possible with this? Also, about the hunger games, that should be put in wether or not the buying system is put in. 
  • it absolutely is bugs. all this does is enhance trading abilities between players. I vote yes because no harm can come in trying. We can hook it up, see how it runs, and make a decision then. 
  • Due to a half hour of mega convincing me, i kinda want to give it a try. Though he agreed that if it goes downhill, he'll be 100% without it!
  • Although I know a lot of people want to see an economy plugin put in place, I feel like I was the loudest voice, and i assure everyone here that if it's not fun, or is a huge problem, as it very well could be. I promise to be 100 percent behind its removal as well. Even if I enjoy it over eveyone elses issues. I refuse to be behind something that ruins peoples fun in any capacity. 
  • I agree. Lets agree that if we do not enjoy the economy  we will remove it. I don't want it to end up like Craft cats did. Catz were a joke.
  • let me buy you a drink. 3.46 catz a drink? Sheesh where am I going to get .46 of a cat. Thems bad math. 
  • I personally think an economy is going to end up exactly like it did on craftcat and don't think we should add one, Period.
  • I'm not a huge fan of an economy for the exact reason Pyro_Clasm mentioned.  Unless we can find some way to better regulate it, i'm more a fan of just having a regular barter system. 
  • I'm in full agreement, I have yet to like one.  It's great to experiment and discuss and look for new ideas that work better than what we've seen, but they would have to be better because what we've seen didn't go over well with many of us.  If we can come up with a model that we truly like and want to test some ideas, I'm all for it, otherwise I'm extremely meh on the subject.

    Here's a question, since CC keeps coming up: What did people specifically like and not like about craftcat's economic model?  
  • The ability to sell diamonds and buy them back from the server for the same price. I liked that you could buy monster and animal spawn eggs for a hefty price. The amount of catz on the server was to much it allowed rich players to monopolize the market.
  • Based on what im seeing im going to not put an economy plugin on this map for now.  There is a possibility of a new map with an economy plugin.  
  • Fair idea. If we get a new map could we do a direct copy of our current world unto it as I would probably play more on the economy side than vanilla and would like my builds in total there.
  • So its a no for now? And is the new server just an idea? also, will it keep residents?
  • No economy on the current map unless something changes.  The new map is currently just an idea.  
  • still think we should have a lottery, put a diamond in that is labeled with your name. Then you have a chance of winning all the diamonds. We could do a redstone and a iron lottery to!
  • Sign me up for the iron lottery... since that is not a plugin if I see people are interested I'll set it up and run it.
  • Just an idea: What if there was a weekly auction where people could bid on things such as mob eggs, rare blocks, and high enchants. The earnings could be put torwards road construction, and many server projects.
  • Depends if it is a player auctioning off an item that's fine. I would be against it if we auctioned a Admins spawned item like a dragon egg. A monster spawn egg would be OK but only if it was a basic monster. You couldn't allow a dragon spawn egg for instance.
  • I agree. I'd think there would be high bids torwards villagers. One question would be: can i buy a mob spawner?
    I'd say no but what would be the rules about blocks such as the MS?
  • It think this would be a great idea. It would move along with the trading system, let players get every block they need, and would help the community.
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