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Auction Thing

After the downfall of the eco mod idea, we are back to our trading ways. To increase trading, I was wondering if anyone wanted a weekly/monthly auction. It would be hosted by admin (so it wouldn't be crazy) but there would be a store area where players could sell their items. So if you had a lot of dirt, you could set up a dirt shop. Of course, it would be already built. Back to the auction. Things such as mob eggs, rare blocks (sponges, endstone, etc) but not dragon eggs. Also, tools with high value can be bidded on. If someone were to build a lottery machine, this might be the spot. :)
I would like to know what you guys think. If its okay i'd be happy to build it. thanks!


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    1. what would we use to auction with?
    2. how much fun would a lottery be if only a few people could actually participate because the price is too steep because im sure it would end up being diamonds. 
    3. lets say its not diamonds, but we put some kind of value system on all the various things we could trade in. What would happen to the traded in material? would it get stored somewhere? would it be destroyed? who would have access to it if it doesnt get destroyed? Who sets the value of the items? what happens when someone doesnt like the values set upon their stuff? 

  • Ah sorry about that. I had posted it in a previous comment but forgot to put it here. 
    1.Mob eggs, rare blocks (sponge, endstone, etc) but not the dragon egg. Also, tools/armor with high enchants.

    2. Not all things would be pricey. Even if you couldn't buy an expensive item in the auction, there might still be low price things in the store area.
    3. Well first of all, you could trade anything! It dosent have to be a diamond or emrald or anything of really high value, so if you had a SC of cobble you could prob trade it in for a mob egg or anything. Also, all the funds go torwrds server projects, including the road. 

      I hope this was helpful. :D
  • 1. I didn't mean what would we get from the auction, I meant what would we buy things with at the auction.
    2. who would set the prices? what if no one could agree on the set prices?
    3. how would we be able to define who wins if say, I give a double chest full of cobble, and you want to give three diamonds, and someone else wants to give a stack of sea lanterns?
    2. Since its an auction, there is no set price.
    3. sea lanterns would win. They are the highest quality and quanity.
     So no one (but the people in the shops) set any real price. THats how any auction works.
  • no, an auction works with money, where you know the value of whatever amount you've got. I used that as an example, but the problem lies in the fact that 1. theres no set value to blocks, and 2. we can't be sure that everyone will be ok with someones decision on what that value is. I personally don't like the look of sea lanterns, so I wouldn't value them as higher than diamond. 
  • Sea lanterns are worth exactly 0 to me I'm not a fan of the block.
  • okay okay. Seal lanterns were just an example. I think wes hould have a few admins doing it . But its sorta common sense. 1 sc of dirt is most likely worth more than 2 diamonds. And since it is minecraft and we dont want a money mod, we have to use items/blocks.
  • Making an auction work with a different assortment of blocks is hard bugs. Say I'm selling a full set of highly enchanted diamond tools. The first person offers 32 diamonds. That is a simple offer and its value is immediately recognized. Now say someone offers me 3 DC dirt, a saddle, and a stack of iron. This becomes much more difficult to see if its worth my time. We are not saying you cannot sell things for an item other than diamond but on this and most servers its how trading works. Plus an item which can be automated or close to it like most items in minecraft are inherently less valuable. So diamonds are useful and not able to be obtained through afk farming this makes them a natural currency in addition to their rarity.
  • just do a lottery!
  • lottery would be awesome. 
  • i vote brb runs a lottery

  • sure okay but will it be inside a casino and will it be fair? And were would the profits go?
  • probably not inside a casino, lotteries are very rarely inside casinos. I know in nevada lotteries are forbidden because of the fact that there are casinos. 

    however there is a caisno on the server, so it could be housed there. I would imagine whoever is losing the goods would get the profits. 
  • But still where would the monet go? If it was thrown away...
  • I think it would be better to just have a store that  brb could own. It would be easier and make him a lot more money.
  • Sorry I haven't been on today but I'll consider how I can incorporate a lotto system. Any ideas are welcome.
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    I just think not many people would use a lotto system de to the really samll chance. Though with a store they would have a 100% chance of getting what they want. And perhaps we use the casino blanc0 made, we would have to remodel it. So...

    a. Build a new casino to store the store and lotto.
    b. Build a huge market place were people can trade their items. 

    I think b would work better. It could even have a lottery but i dout anyone would use it. Though if "a" was chosen, there could be many working gambling games. If anyone wants to see, i've made a working rollete table usng a minecart. You place bids in the chest of your selected area. Well i just want a general idea of what we want. So do consider either way. Thanks. 

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    We have had option B before on the old server. It became a unkempt unused place full of lag. A lotto can and will work as many people want to take part in addition the lotto is something you play passively you don't put large amounts into it normally. It is just nice if you win the large prize of the lotto sometimes.

    My idea for the lotto is 2 times a month to roll a number between 1 and the number of tickets sold. This would be checked against the order in which people bought tickets. Whoever wins receives 90% of the diamonds, rounding up to the nearest diamond. The 10% remaining will be stored in a server chest which can be used with authorization from Ubu to pay for server projects.

    We get to have a game going on the server that provides a service to the community and the only getting 90% back makes buying huge amounts of tickets to vastly throw the lotto in your direction much less valuable as you only get .9 diamond back that you put in.

    The store is something I am still considering how to implement. I would be fine doing a honor code store myself to use, but having a mall the the entire server uses for individual stores will make it very tough to keep track of things if people started taking items. I will consider it more but if anyone has ideas on how to solve this please let me know, but please think of any negative consequences of your idea before posting.
  • Will the tickets cost 1 diamond? I think that is fair. Though if only 2 people buy tickates, how will it be divided? Half and half isn't really fair. Your just getting what you payed back. And as of the "b", we could have a date set at sometime that people could sell and buy there. Otherwise, no one could enter. What about the idea of an "ab". So a lotto inside this market. I think it would be fun. There could also be a small BBQ. :) yum
  • Bugs the lotto would be more than a diamond a ticket; we have to raise enough to make it worth the time for the players which also means it would be held only every week or two.
  • you could have there diamonds have to be named there name for them to enter, that way you know who particpates
  • Logblock can track who places items into a container, so any mod can see who put what in and how much.

    NBC had a lottery running for a while that saw a lot of participation, and it was popular enough to possibly make for a good model.  CC had one too, but I heard less pleasant things about it, partly due to the area it was in (like Brb said). 

    The location isn't important, as long as anyone (including new and unfamiliar players) can easily get to it with minimal instruction (like /warp lottery).  A simple plaza with a podium at center would do fine.  If you wanted a casino, I'm sure Blanc0 wouldn't mind his massive and rather badass one being used.

    Lotteries are a great way to get people more involved and provide a group activity, especially since there's little investment except some diamond.  I don't think it will help trading much or boost the economy much on its own, though it can help get people interacting that normally wouldn't.  I do think it's a great idea, though, and not very difficult to implement - if a mod is using logblock to see who threw in, you just need hoppers for people to toss into, a chest to store the diamonds, and someone authorized to access the chest to pull out the winnings.

  • I should have time tonight to get something setup. In addition to the lotto center I've been considering how to implement stores and the only thing I can think of is to have.a honor system in place until more efficient system can be developed as my auto stores could only handle small transactions. I may add 8 small stores around the lotto center that can be used as long as the owner keeps the store stocked, doesn't decorate in a lag inducing way, and keeps a simple theme to their store such as selling redstone supplies or different kinds of wood.

    The rules for lotto will be simple. Each ticket someone buys will be 5 diamonds and there will not be a cap unless people decide we need one through trial and error. We will log block the chest to see who entered every two weeks and a random number will be generated using a RNG and I will refer to the order of the tickets and use that number for a winner.
  • What about the idea of making the lottery, or at least part of it, a scheduled live event (participants show up and throw in at the same time, with the winner selected a few minutes later)?

    A multi-week one is good (because people's play times vary), but I remember live lottery events on NBC drawing a lot of activity and interest.  Of course, those can get chaotic too - part of the fun.
  • I'd be good with that but we need players who can't be there to be able to participate.
  • Have the standard lottery, but draw it live with some sort of door prize for it.  

  • Sounds good.
  • I still think 5 diamonds are a little pricy. It's pretty hard to find diamonds to spare for armor, tools, and other stuff. So... 
    1. Lower the price: I think 3 diamonds is fair. 
    2. Change it to something easier to get. 5 lapiz, 2 emralds, or 30 iron. 

    Just for newbs sake. :D 
  • If we change it to a less valuable item the lotto would be worth much less and less people would want to join. In reality 5 diamonds is not to much its less than an average diamond vein holds when using a fortune 3 pick.
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