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Crazy Cat Lady's Turn!

Hey i'm Ehickey's niece. I've been on for about a month now, not counting the time of my inactivity on the last server.
I am the owner of Sandmanor, LumberjackShack, and joint ownership of Frosthold (which was later renamed Valinor or something) and JungleHideout with my friend Holiness.
The people on this server are awesome and helpful, and same with their builds which have helped to inspire many more creations. One such creation is a fire and lava theme. I would like to be a resident so that i can create more places like Sandmanor and the others, have sweet visual effects of fire and lava, and help other drifters. I've already read the rules(twice) and swear not to abuse the abilities of a resident. 
See ya'll in game! - Atheria the crazy Cat Lady ^w^


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