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Resident app

so, it is pretty obvious why i am posting in this category. well i assume it is obvious, i am here to apply for a residency.
seems to be the thing i am supposed to do at this point after being on for a bit.


  • Uh, maybe you should tell more about yourself.
     How long have you been playing minecraft? 

    What time zone are you/ what time do you play? 

    What have you made?

    How did you here about this server? 

    How long have you been on this server?
  • I'll happily vote yes for Cutehyesung2 (who I'm afraid of guessing at a shortform for), though I'll agree it would be better to include more information (like what you've built, number of cats you've bred, favorite wool color, etc).
  • What do you think of Sea Lanterns?

    JK assuming he gives more info, ill say yes to it. 
  • :O respect the latern of the sea! It is not be to joke about. :)
  • Tell us more about what you have done, built, your thoughts on the server and why you should be promoted. I'll decide my vote when you tell us more about yourself.
  • bumpedy bump bump.
  • Alright redo, im cutehyesung2 (not a big fan of this gifted account, the name is strange considering im a dude!) anywho,
    1: how long have i been playing minecraft--- i have been playing minecraft for quite a few years now, maybe 2011?2010? idunno pretty close to beta or whatever.

    2: what time zone/what time do i play---- i currently live in alaska/united states of amercia, which is behind one hour of pacific standard.

    3. my builds----- well, nothing too fancy really, but currently on this server i have an expansive island i am turning into a harbor town. maybe a sky sanctuary. im pretty random with my builds unless i am helping someone, then i am full force focused and can get anything done.

    4. how did i hear about this server?--- this server was brought to my attention by one of your more renowned members, and i enjoy playing with them when i can. but i come on by myself as well, because i enjoy the people that play and conversate regularly. 

    5. how long have i been on this server?--- its really difficult for me to say a time frame, i have a very complicated and confusing life and its hard for my brain to keep everything in order, but i have to say over a couple months? although my presence has been lacking i plan to be on alot more now that i have down time.

    6. Everyone's quickfire questions---- favourite wool color is green. sea lanterns are fantastic i have a few in my build. i dont breed cats filthy loud things they is.

    and as far as the server goes, i mean i probably wouldnt have stuck around this long if i didnt give a hoot, but seriously i do enjoy the members, the sights, the projects, overall i cant name anything i dont appreciate about the server, thats why i am writing all of this. i just want to hang out and help in anyway i can and set goals and seek em out. sounds like a good time.

    see you around

  • Name: chargedpunch99

    Age: 15

    How long have you been playing minecraft? Since version 1.2.5

    What time zone are you/ what time do you play? CST and usually later in the day.

    What have you made? Nothing yet but I can make some very cool buildings

    How did you here about this server? I was searching for random minecraft servers and I thought I would give it a try
    How long have you been on this server? about 20 mins :(
  • Usually you have to wait for at least a week, this helps us to get to know you as a player and confirm that you aren't just going to troll us. Also when the time comes, you should do it in your own thread. That way people can see your name and know they are voting for you personally.

    Try to make some friends. Build some stuff and make a quick name for yourself, this will help a lot.
  • He in fairness has a better app than many I have seen.
  • he still needs to meet the one week requirement before he can officially apply
  • O I agree he just did a good app is all I meant.
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