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Value of certain items

I invented an automated shop that a customer puts a set amount of a resource into a hopper and the machine counts out and gives the customer what they purchased. The downside is changing the price requires much of the machine to be rebuilt so I need to figure out some of the prices before I build a shop.

What would you be willing to pay in diamonds for:

Diamond horse armor
Gold horse armor
Iron horse armor
EFF 5 book
Silk touch book
Fortune 3 book
Emerald block

Once I determine a fair value I plan on opening a shop and will consider showing people how to make the machine themselves.


  • can it do dirt trades?
  • I have not figured out how to do large amounts in it yet. So a stack of dirt getting sold would be an insane process. I will continue to improve it, and will see if people online have ideas to mass sell with it.
  • honor system?
  • what about for cat spawn eggs and stuff?
  • edited April 2015
    Honor system may work And I'd be willing to try it. Bugs there is no way to get spawn eggs on the server without an Admin making them which makes it unfair for me to sell.
  • oh, the stuff goes to you? 
  • Yes it would be a for profit store.
  • oh okay, so you have all the items? That makes sense. Maybe you should just build more than one machine instead of rebuilding it.
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