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  A few questions regarding
  What are the rules for
creating a residence?
  Is there a size
  What if someone has something
small built in an area you might want to make a residence?
  Reason I am asking this is that there is a person
I have yet to see on, named Johnjay, who has a small mine entrance room built,
with chest, crafting table, sign that says Johnjays Stuff, etc.
  in a spot where if I expand like I want to, I
will be “claiming” areas where he had been mining from this spot.
  My residence is call Bob_Keep if anyone
wishes to check out Johnjay’s spot, which is very close to my residence, next
to the water on hill I have built a bit on, with bamboo at the entrance.

Lord Bob X


  • lol, if anyone has a question about the odd spacing on my post, blame Microsoft Word
  • Normally it's a concern but I wouldn't worry about Johnjay's build in this case.  It was a temporary mine he and some friends built when they first started and they intended to move on (and haven't been seen since).  Except for a mineshaft, that little office you see is all there is.

    The size limit is 300x300 (with no vertical limit), with 3 residences per player.  Take the whole thing.  At worst if they come back and want their area we can set up a subzone that covers the area they built on.
  • I just looked around the res. It looks like Johnjay was only active for a day or two around 3/23. Lordbob's build is way bigger, but built it was built later. Lordbob probably deserves dibs now since Johnjay hasn't been back, although if he comes back he should get his stuff back obviously. 

    btw Residence max size is 300x300
  • oh didnt' see ehickey's comment bfore i posted!
  • Ok, sounds good.  Thanks!
  • Oh, one more question.  I have a spawn point right next to me.  Do I need to make sure my residence avoids this spot?  Should I make sure there is some land around it for people who spawn there to get materials?
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