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Application for Residency

Hello, I am lordbobx, and I am applying for residency.

Step-father to Atheriatwilki and Dwarvenfunk, and brother-in-law to ehickey.  First started on Minecraft on a creative-mode server that ehickey was running, until someone thought it was fun to blow-up everything. Decided to get back into it after seeing the kids enjoying this server so much. Been playing over three weeks now on this server, and am enjoying survival mode and the community here.

I have so far build a small keep (Bob_Keep if you wish to check it out), a few buildings for my mining operations, a lighthouse (maybe with a "rotating" light in the future), a watchtower, and lots of mine shafts.  I love redstone machines and am currently plan on expanding the size of my keep, adding a few "automated" farms, a village, a couple of fully-auto chicken cannons, and a volcano complete with secret base.

But I cannot build my volcano (complete with on and off eruption mode hopefully) without your help, since I cannot use lava without being a resident. Would you please consider me for residency?  Thanks!!!


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