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Question is not what you can do for me, but what I can do for you!

Evening fellow minecrafters!

I am applying for residency in this very welcoming community!

As any true minecrafter I enjoy all the same pleasures of minecraft as all of you has had within this game, and this gives me the inspiration to request your vote to hope for joining this wholesome server!  

I've been constructing some wonderful builds in preparation to build them on the server for all to enjoy. None of my builds on the server so far shows my talent of building yet, but have had sense alpha to home my skills and will very soon start showing off if I get your votes! =)

Once invested into a project (Currently happening right now) I tend to spend an impressive amount of time online at all times of the day/night.

Now! to what I can give to the server!! A boost in economy, a helping hand, a laugh (sometimes), and potentially a grow in the community of great minecrafters!

Thanks for your time! looking forward to come spent within the community!



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