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It's all connected

Was wondering if anyone has thought of trying to connect everyone together via a redstone powered rail system.  I understand it may not be feasible, considering how spread out some are, and the amount of material it would take, plus how everyone gets around via tp and warp as it is, etc.  But thought it might be a neat idea, a way to see the sights, maybe even connect it to villages or something.  Just a thought.


  • nope but nether highway has been suggestd
  • i have 2 iron ingots :P
  • This is the main drawback of having warps and multiple residences - the map becomes a set of discrete builds rather than sprawling cities etc. Unfortunately I don't see a solution to the problem without using some sort of portal plugin with hard coded coordinate values. In the mean time I encourage people to build near spawn which is at least one common building area...
  • my last server had warps and multiple residences and it still had sprawling cities, but that was mostly because a few people advertised them and made it known that areas were open. 

    also keep in mind that you can have more than one place to live, especially on a server like this, where its not out of the question to build a home and keep it grief free. If you like an area a person is building in, build a house near there. Even if you dont plan on living there, contribute to the town feel. Who knows, you may end up using said house some day in the future. 
  • Rail systems are great, but they're not incredibly reliable because any obstacle or impact makes carts go backwards.

    It should be possible to make a rail line that auto-corrects (anything going the wrong way gets caught and re-launched), though this requires a double-rail.  It should also be possible to make it easier to recycle carts, but carts will deplete over time due to accident and theft (because carts can be sold on the internet for scrap metal).

    Rail isn't used much because we can teleport everywhere.  If tp's and warps were less common, rail and canals would become much more useful.

    One particular use for rail is within a single city, where there is one warp point to the city but all travel inside of it is by canal/rail.
  • I think portals to seperate cities would be good, then set up transportation within the city itself should be up to that city.
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