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Vote Holiness for resident! :D

Hello, I'm Holiness and I was once a Moderator on a forgotten server (known as SSG). I've been invited to this server through Atheriatwilki and I believe this server is perfect to build and meet new people. The people on this server are extremely kind, one of those people would be: Megamantrinity, Bugsblock, etc.
I own a village known as Valenwood, which is incomplete, and I also own the fortress known as Valinor (which I live in). I want to apply for Resident because I think I may have the potential to be a Resident even when this is the perfect and rather appropriate time to do so. I am a very loyal person to my word and I have helped several people along the way within CommunityCraft, and I am happy to be attending this server, Thank you! :D


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