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samrick0424 ban appeal

1.i sorry for stealing diamonds 
2. I am sory for being mean in irc 
3.i like to troll but not to far
please let me play agin


  • edited May 2015
    If you want us to consider allowing you back on the server can you please edit the post so that it includes some of the following: correct grammar, explain why you "trolled", why you will not again. As I understand immediately upon joining our server you started being mean to our members which we do not accept, and saying you enjoy trolling is not a great reason for us to let you back on so maybe explain what you meant by this?
  • edited May 2015
    Wow, such contrition. *eyeroll*

    A "No" vote from me. You were nothing more than an ineffective troll and show no signs of change.
  • How would you plan on mending the first impressions you have utterly destroyed?

    How would we be assured that you wouldn't do what you did again?

    You say you like to troll but not too far, yet the only instance we have of you trolling was extremely out of line. Before anyone gives you a yes, were going to need to know that you aren't going to do it all over again, because you like to. 

    "play" is a strong word. You never actually played. You just harassed your friend, stole his stuff, murdered his livestock, forced him to give you things, and then caused major issues for the place he enjoys playing. None of that is really playing the game. 
  • edited May 2015
    well, i must correct you mega, he did really play for like 2 days, then trolled. In fact, he made a res called his name. Though that dosen't effect my answer. NO. 
  • After getting banned you spent hours harassing the IRC channel because it was the next best thing you could do. NO.
  • Appeal denied.  Please wait a month before appealing again.  Next time make it a good appeal
  • Honestly, this is the worst ban appeal I've ever seen. I have to say it.
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