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Clearing out grinder chests

I have just spent about an hour workin. On the grinders sorting system and stuff and have it mostly unclogged and the sorter working properly for once so people should be able to once again use it as a gold farm


  • It got clogged again after me and amber fixed it. GAH
  • ya I cleaned it out completely just about a week ago. Sadly it produces gold swords so fast it wont stay clean, but thanks for the effort. If anyone can figure out a way for it to pull gold swords out and keep them organized separately that would be cool.
  • edited May 2015
    I will do it, I made a system in a creative world. Also, do we want to keep the swords or throw them away?
  • edited May 2015
    With how many swords it produces throwing away is fine as long as there is a way to stop it in case someone wants gold swords.

    If you get it working correctly I'll pay you some diamonds to compensate for the time, and thank you.
  • edited May 2015
    Ya i can get a on/off switch on there. Diamonds aren't necessary, though i will need lots of hoppers to do it. Also, im sorta making it out of dirt and stone so it might look crappy. I'll be gone for 3 days so you can change the material.
  • I didn't know we were allowed to take gold from there!
  • Ya just try to not take all of it.
  • I'm pretty sure it won't get clogged at this point that problem should be fixed and it is currently throwing all gold swords away but that shouldn't be hard to fix
  • The problem with it wasn't that it got filled to fast it was that the sorters weren't built properly
  • Ah well thank you pyro. So it destroys the swords now?
  • edited May 2015
    ya it should
    but i can change it where they just go to there own chest if you want
  • I would say we don't need to store them. If you need gold swords a stack of gold will make 32 for much less space than 32 requires.
  • couldnt we set up a system where the swords are sorted into a dropper that feeds into lava or cactus or something?
  • That's probably how he did it.
  • that is exactly how i did it

  • edited May 2015
    bugs destroyed the edited system and broke it completely as well as stole all the chests and most of the hoppers in the process
  • some of the hoppers i should say
  • we can limit hoppers used for the dropping into chests using a dropper
  • yeah he said he was fixing it. I have no idea how any of this stuff works. I wish I could help. it's all beyond me so I just stay out of it. 
  • please ask him to put everything back in the chests
  • i will whenever i see him on but i havnt been able to get on very often this week
  • also i set up a region around the grinder with chest access and use capabilities to everyone
    mods and admins should be able to do anything they want in that area
  • Good work Pyro.
  • edited May 2015
    Sorry, I was trying to fix the grinder but I failed. And i should have gotten permission from pyro. I was camping this week so i wasn't on. I'll wont touch it again. Though, is it working now, before i was gone pyro's thing was up but it still didn't work. Is it working now? BTW dont destroy the rotten flesh.
  • yes it is now working im pretty sure the reason it was broken was my method of throwing away the stuff was a little screwed up but i fixed that
    also why shouldnt i throw away rotten flesh?
  • edited May 2015
    i changed the hopper system over to nights idea of using a dropper and now have a stack of hoppers that i dont know what to do with cause there not technically mine
    any ideas?
  • Rotten flesh can be traded to villagers for emeralds and this grinder is a source for some to get those emeralds. I think bugs uses it for that.
  • Ya, rotten flesh is important to the mushroom trading system. And Im glad the sorting system works.
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