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Village restoration?

To the east of my main area (Bob_Keep), there is the remains of what was a village, which looks like the result of a player killing all of the villagers and looting stuff.  Is there a way to restore it other then me doing the repairs on my own and adding villagers?  Would be nice to have a village close to me.  Thanks!


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    If you head South-east, you will find deflino square, and i will let you take 2 of my villagers. I wont charge for them but you will have to provide the rail.
  • Cool, and this has inspired my wife to join us and she will be rebuilding it.  She has never done survival mode, but she is starting to get the hang of it.
  • awesome!
  • Doth thy need help
  • Ok Bugsblock, the villagers have been moved.  Any tips on getting them to breed?
  • I haven't a clue how to breed them :(. Though mega and brb seem to know a lot about it.
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    it's all about houses and what minecraft perceives as a house. You need enough houses for the villagers to breed. It helps if you have a farm where they can farm wheat and make bread. it also helps if you trade with them, specifically the last thing they are offering. basically the game will force breeding if you have more houses than villagers, if they are fed. trading with them is a bonus.

    There is a lot more to it, but that is the basics. you can look up youtube videos on villager breeding, which is what I did. They are pretty common and can help, but you need to make sure its a recent version of minecraft. The way they breed has somewhat changed over time. 
  • Thanks Mega!  And yes, have to make sure to look at 1.8 version and up, since that is when they drastically changed it.
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