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Divenchi36 is ready for res status

I am Divenchi36. I am Lordbobx's wife (ehickey's sister). As many of you know (and have seen) I recreated the village that was over by Bob Keep (if you want to check it out it is in Div_Home). That is complete (at least as far as I know at the moment). Everyone is welcome to come check it out and use it (basically I consider it public) Once I sub-zone it, there will be a community chest in the village that all will be able to use (please do not abuse the chest). I will make a post once it is open to the public. It's there, but I learned that simply unlocking it does not open it to all. Also thank you Bugs for contributing my first two villagers.
 If I can help someone I will. That includes stuff. That does not mean treat me like the Salvation Army or go to me out of laziness (I am not the US government or your mom, except for two of you). However, I do like to help people so don't shy away from asking. If you need me to look at something I will gladly do so as soon as I can.
 At the moment I am working on a palace. The start of it is on a hill just beyond the northern wall of the village. I do tend to be a bit scatter brained, though. If I am stuck, this is especially so. I might do random little things in my res while I get ideas for my current project. I generally won't abandon a current project though.
 Other things I have done are The Hut (the name is a joke based off of what I told bob "I'm just going to build a little hut to get started while I work on the village". It's the tp point for div_home), The Quarry (not much to it), two towers along my south wall (mobs love that wall and spawn on the other side, they all must die), a basement and sub-basement of The Hut (the sub-basement is a lounge area and has a pool, enjoy) and a underground/water tunnel that leads to my sand/sandstone mine from the quarry (if you have been to my res then you know why I have the sand/sandstone mine).  I also rescued two homeless villagers from the wilds (someone blew up their homes). Who knows what I will work on next.


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