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Very important info on villagers!

edited May 2015 in General
Just realized why my villagers are not breeding, even though I have seen two together sever times both with hearts and have tones of housing.  I had animals set as false in my res.  It needs to be true.


  • does this mean you'll start sending more villagers to my res? :D I'll pay 3 diamonds each. And i'll yake any type you have

  • Good to know Bob. 

    Also, I just set up a zombie grinder with a villager diverter at /res Narch. Don't remember the coordinates but we could set up a nether portal to transport them.
  • edited May 2015

    Bugs: if I send you a farmer, and you set up a 10x10 box, open to the sky, with doors around the edges, and a block both above each door and behind each door away from the center (creating a "roof"), put a wall around that so they cannot leave via the doors, put the farmer and one other villager in the box, and make a wheat field inside the box, you can make a bunch of villagers.

    Island Joe: We can do that, but I have no need myself for more.  I have had a population explosion (went from 6 to 20 in a few hours), and plan on making more buildings, thus allowing my current population to expand, with the end goal to have a fully populated city.  I will check out your grinder and diverter.  I love things like this and can't wait to see how it works.

  • edited May 2015
    2 questions: 
    1. can the box have a roof? 
    2. Can the wheat feild be outside (to incress wheat amount) but still be fenced? 
    also, i'll pay 4 diamonds each for 2 :D
  • The wheat filed needs to be in the box.  The farmer will harvest and replant the wheet, make bread, and give it to the other villager, and since they both have food they will both be in the mood.  There cannot be a roof on the box, the wheet needs light, and you need more sky exposed spots on that side of the door then the other side to be considered a house, ie, a house has to be a wooden door, with an inside and outside.  I will send two over when I can, have to move them to the right spot to transport them, and it is worse than herding cats.
  • *cough* Glass Roof *cough*
  • My setup is not to make bread for me like some setups are that I have seen, but mine just has wheat planted in between the inner and outer building. My farm is at res skygrinder if you need to look but it works and I have 6 iron golems at a time so however many villagers that equals.

  • I just do free range with several farms all over in a walled in village full of homes and apt complexes.
  • Bugs, checked out your villagers this morning, they made another one, but they cannot make any more because.... THERE ARE ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE!!!.....  omg one of your poor villages was surrounded by over a dozen, but you have damage turned off so nothing is happening to them.  Here is how you can fix...

    Step one, turn off monster spawning.

    Step two, herd the villagers inside a temporary shelter, completely isolated from the zombies.

    Step three, turn damage on and kill zombies

    Step four, if you want for some reason to turn monster spawning back on and damage off, need to build a wall around their area a few blocks away from the fence and "housing" to keep them from getting even close to your "village".  And make sure you have a light level of 8 or more everywhere inside your village and along your wall. 

    Night_crafter did have a good suggestion to keep them 100% safe, but I know you want a specific look, so a wall would maybe a better solution.

  • Thanks bob! My village is thriving due to your tips!
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