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That just happened...

When I teleported to /home, i sorta fell out of the world. I'm not sure if it is a glitch or whatever. If i died any other time in any other place I would have a small chance to regain my stuff, so i wouldn't have posted this :P. Though since I glitched into the void i didn't have a chance. :'( Also, my home isn't in the end, it was the void under the world, where your not suppose to go.
Here is the list of my stuff (Thanks, this list isn't all i was carrying, but its the important stuff) 
1. Diamond Sword 
2. Diamond Pick (with unb 3, silk and eff 5) 
3. 4 stacks of spruce planks 
4. diamond shovel and axe 
Thanks again. If there is a problem with evidence, divenchi and amber were there (amber took a screen shot). 


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