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New Shop open

I have made a shop at the Grinder Warp. It is large enough to have a few more shops, and if it becomes popular, I can always add more floors. If you plan on building there, please make sure you keep everything at a half level or on non mob spawning blocks. Otherwise, there is a cake vendor and an Iron block vendor for emeralds. More to come.

I will eventually roof it off once I see how many people want to build shops there. 

Lik dis if u cry evertim


  • I... I didn't cry, but I'll be sure to check it out sometime.
  • You should make a gold shop
  • ???Its rght next to the gold ginder...
  • Although the player who built the grinder said he was quitting I feel that building shops in his area is a bit wrong. This is just my opinion though so we should consult ubu.
  • I haven't done anything to the grinder. its beside it. An addition to the current functionality of the grinder area. I think we should build the area up more, as it could be a very sweet area for commerce and meetings for online players. Besides theres no residence set up, and if the player is clearly never coming back. Even if he did come back, theres only a few quartz slabs placed at the doorway of the grinder, that I could easily remove if he was upset by it. I built the shop far enough away that it could be considered its own res if need be.
  • Sounds fair enough. What are you selling in the shop?
  • there is a region set up at the area so if people want to build there they have to ask a mod or admin
  • as I posted in the very first post, there is a cake shop and an iron block shop. both require emeralds
  • OK I'll empty your iron shop when I get on.
  • Looks good.  How did you build it?
  • I used redstone and other blocks.
  • ummmm, was looking for more detail lol
  • I youtube'd 'minecraft shop', and got the schematics from one of the leading videos.
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