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Dealing with new people (in a helpful way)

With this sudden influx of new people, there are a couple of things I plan to do at my res, since it is next to a player respawn point.  May also be some good ideas for others, as new players will come across your res sooner or later.

Add paths, bridges ect, leading  from my res to areas devoid of residents

Add helpful signage (directions to areas, the way to get flight, how to get back to the main spawn point, etc)

Add chest with items that can be useful to new or recently dead players (food, tools ,etc)

Make sure every part of my res is accessible to those who don't have or want flight. (make sure permissions are true for opening doors, etc)


  • Why isn't the spawn point at the spawn house that was created just for this?
  • I thought it should be that way to, but I believe I am next to the original spawn point maybe?
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