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Looking for some new moderators

I am starting to look for some new staff members for the server.  I am currently looking for a few new moderators to help run the server.  Expected tasks are listed below.  

  • Keep an eye out on the server
  • Make sure players are following the rules of the server
  • Take care of any griefing issues/unruly players
  • Perform rollbacks as needed
  • Check logs of issues that may be encountered 
  • Manage regions/residences as needed

To apply please create a new post in staff applications Category with your minecraft name and any/all relevant information that you would like to be considered(more is better).  If the application is not created in the right category it will not be considered


  • I've tried to post a staff app but i get this message when i click post:
    • Body is 1322 characters too long.
  • how long was your post?
  • It wasn't too long. All I did was fill out the staff application.
  • It does limit the size of the posts.  If you have to split it up and put it into the comments.
  • How many are you looking for? I mean, I'm not great with the commands, but im on everyday. I have also been playing for 16 months now. Just a thought...
  • i would vote for Bugs

  • Bugs has only been on the server since December though. He should still make an application in the correct way. Good luck.
  • I looked on the Activitys bar here. It says that i have joined febuary 7th. Sorry, I somehow thought 7 months was 16 months. I'm not going to apply.
  • I did not mean you cannot or should not. It just may be taken into consideration.
  • Bugs, MegaMan is also applying and he joined about the same time as you so feel free to apply :)
  • edited June 2015
    I joined after you did bugs. think of it this way, if you don't do it, the answer is absolutely no. if you do throw it in, you might get it. The only way to even have a chance is to try. 
  • I will be closing off Moderator applications sometime this weekend.  So get them in while you can.  
  • I nominate Night_Crafter. He's been on, consistantly, the most, and he'd make a great mod.
  • I feel like I have not seen night-crafter in a while.
  • edited June 2015
    Ubu: Its the weekend, are applications closed now? If so, what will happen next?
  • I haven't seen you on to be honest. Night's been on quite a bit.
  • They are now officially closed 
  • so whats next? Do the admins pick their favs and vote? And ceg: night would be a good mod, I wish he applied :'(
  • CEG  you have been on? We must be on during different times I am on nearly nightly. Hope to see you and Night around.
  • I'll see you around I'm sure.
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