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So I'm appealing for a ban I got yesterday. I was banned for stealing someone's items and refusing to give them back, and then disrespecting the admins. I regret this, because I let my anger get the best of me and lost my oppurtunity to play on a great server with a great community. I believe that if I am unbanned, I can make better decisions and be more mature in my actions. Please consider  my appeal honestly, and consider unbanning me.



  • Ill let the staff that banned you give his opinion on this matter before i make a decision
  • PulledPorker I am sorry but after reviewing how you treated the community members I do not feel comfortable unbanning you. Besides the theft, you then refused to return the item after my request to, and you raged pretty well against us when we didn't know what you meant by how to make a blow, not to mention the cussing that followed. I look at the overall picture when considering if we can unban someone, and with you we only have a couple hours to look at which are not good hours.
  • What items were they, and how much did you take? Also, why did you take, and who did you take it from? This might help us gain a better understanding, so it will be easier for us to vote. With my current understanding, you aren't much better then samrick, but more detail may persuade us to vote.
  • He didnt take much just a diamond pick, but he refused to return it and lied about having it. They also were yelling at members and cussing a lot. 
  • I'm with Brbdogsonfire on this. My biggest issue is the rage, language and not listening. You where told several times to give his pick back and flat out refused. Even after being told by more then one person that you having used it did not stop you from returning it.
  • I was the person he stole the pick from. I'd forgive him on that issue, but the fact of the matter still stands that he, at no point that I was on, treated anyone with proper respect. Particularly on that whole how to craft a blow. I really still am confused on that.

  • edited June 2015
    He meant Bowl but he still didn't need to be rude. If you would like to discuss it further I gladly will in game, but I am closing this thread for now. If PulledPorker in the future would like to make another appeal he is welcome.
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