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I was logging on today, figuring I'd add to my house or harvest my farms, and get a message- Banned for X-raying?

I didn't see this coming, and I didn't have any warning. I had earlier been confronted by an admin about possible X-raying and concern about my finding so much ore in a smal amount of time, and told them the truth- that I had been mining on a good level and with a fortune pick. And now I'm banned. I can assure you that I wasn't, and never have used an X-ray hack or texture pack. I hope that I can be unbanned after what, at least I think, is an unfair ban. I think a better way to do this would be to show me eactly what evidence there is against me, what exactly I am suspected of, and give me a chance to defend myself.


  • I will have to wait and see what evidence that marvelouspie6 has for this ban to make any decisions.  
  • I have no part in this but when Mack first was on the server he was one of the members I watched and I saw no evidence myself of him x-raying.
  • Wanted to toss in my 2 cents. From what I have seen in chat, it seems to me that he simply does do a lot of mining with fortune. As far as character I generally don't have an issue with Mack. He has always appeared to be a friendly and generally respectful person. However, Ubu is correct and needs to be given a chance to review the case.
  • I think we should look at his mine, it would be pretty easy to tell if he was using x-ray (lots of holes on the surface and whatever) I think mack is a really good player, and dont belive he would try to do this.
  • Well let's not assume. ubu will review the evidence with Marve and if he is innocent he will be unbanned.
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    I went and looked too.  We all saw multiple spots where a straight line was aimed at distant diamond (and hit it dead on), combined with side holes targeting iron and other ore that wasn't visible without removing some stone.  It was just too lucky - every branch seemed to be aimed at a deposit, not random, and no dead ends that produced nothing.  Combine this with mining in total darkness (which I've done before), it looks bad.

    Calling any mining an x-ray incident is hard, because a lot of assumption is involved, but it looks a whole lot like either a matter of x-ray, or someone I really need to bring with me to Vegas next time I go.
  • I confronted him a day or two ago. When I tped to him he was mining a vein of diamond. He continued mining straight for a bit then took an odd turn. This led to two more veins. I then unvanished him and asked him about it. He didn't seem to be too suspicious. He took awhile to reply though. I let him go and checked around for a bit. I found some crazy tunnels.

    He are some pics: 

    The ore he mined was not exposed. He took odd turns and lead to either iron or diamond. He also mined stone covering iron next to his strip three times. I even asked for three other people's opinion. All of them said it looked like xray.

  • Sometimes you just get lucky. I've hit a few veins once or twice by randomly digging into the wall at random spots. As for the total darkness, where you using night vision? I do that a lot too.

    I hate making assumptions that might lead to an err in judgement. Until we prove him guilty, let's keep this thread open
  • The only other alternative that I can see is...  he's a witch!
  • Should we make a pyre put him at the top and burn him? Did he have 0 dead ends or anything that could make this just luck?
  • mack2247 can you explain the evidence that has been brought against you?
  • In his defense, he's been a busy builder in the time he's been on.
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  • While I am not familiar with xray it looked haphazard even for me.
  • those pictures really do wreak of x-ray. when you get lucky, you find one or two ore veins, thats one thing, but when you have to dig out a whole line, then veer to one side, and then down... thats not lucky, you know what your doing. 

    I could be wrong, he could have been avoiding the sound of lava or something... but those are some really advanced digging techniques. 
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    Thank you all for reviewing this in a fair and investigative way. I do have some habits of mining haphazardly, and I apologize if I acted suspicious. I have a habit of mining a different direction when I hear lava, or changing direction when I feel like I haven't got anything in a while. I have a very extensive set of tunnels in that area that I've been working on strip mining the whole time I've been on the server, and I've been trying to find every little bit in there. 

    I can assure everyone that I haven't been X-raying, and I am willing to be on a period of probation or whatever you feel like is necessary to monitor my actions and make sure I'm not using anything to give me an advantage I otherwise wouldn't have. I'm eager to play on this server, because I feel it stays very true to the original Minecraft, and I won't do anything to lose my chance to play here. Thanks for being understanding!
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    [Warning loud music on video]


    Okay so would you please be able to explain the above, on these 4 occasions you somehow managed to instantly hit iron and diamond even though you didn't search for it and had no recurring search pattern down the tunnels? The ore was not exposed, and blocked by stone, this occurrence happened throughout your mine over and over again.

    Also here as you can see, in very short amount of times you managed to mine up most if not all diamond in the area. You may say that there is gaps in between, but you were also mining up other ores and took breaks being on and offline.

  • holy crap that's a lot of diamond.
  • That log is a bit like swearing innocence to a murder while covered in blood, even after the crime lab has verified that the perp is a 100% match to the semen found inside the victim's severed head.

    I don't even care that much about an infraction like this, I just think it's excellent moderation practice.  Maybe we should take notes on how to do this more effectively in future.  I also like the fact that this was more or less a trial by jury, even if that's not always a luxury.
  • X-raying is hard to prove but this was proven well. Good job to the mods doing their research. Sadly other cases such as theft or griefing are much more cut and dry so this is not needed.
  • Im going to say at this point the ban appeal is denied.  Feel free to appeal this ban in a month.  
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