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I guess I missed a rule?

Tried to log in this afternoon and got the message "banned for wither greifing." Not sure what I did so would love an explanation so I can avoid doing it in the future.


  • You spawned the wither on my soccer field, blowing stuff up. It was obvious that it was spawned right there, it didn't fly there. Ubu found it (who knows how) and traced it back to you. You are only banned for a week.
  • Yes. I did do that. I can honestly say that was the first time I had ever spawned a wither. I guess I should have read more about wither behavior because all that was a surprise to me. I spawned it there because I thought it would be a good place to fight it. My bad. I was planning on repairing the damage I made to the soccer field. Since you had abandoned it, I was basically taking ownership over it. I just had not yet collected the materials to repair it.
  • i rolled back the damage.  The ban will stay in effect until tomorrow night.  
  • Uh, ya I still own the soccer field. I took down the res since i was making another. I built it there when you had a small residence, and it was pretty far away, until you expanded your res, making it closer. If you wish to own the soccer field, then i will sell it to you.
  • You should probably make a region around it and disable mob damage.
  • Thats the thing, I cant put a res around it.

  • Regions are different than residences
    Ask a moderator to set one up for you
  • If I'm understanding this correctly, you thought that because he deleted the residence that the soccer field is no longer his and is free to anyone who wants it. Just because something isn't protected, doesn't mean it's free reign :)
  • Instead of deleting a residence in future, it might be better to let an admin set it to no-owner.  You can still be given some permissions on it, but it would no longer be "your" residence and no longer counts against your res count.  

    This should only be done on "complete" builds, however.  We only limit residence counts to keep everyon from starting a half-dozen half-built residences all over the map.
  • regions are unlimited and can be done by request to any staff member.  That is probaby the best method for protection
  • edited June 2015
    Wow. Some of you guys are all really hostile. No, I didn't think I could just claim someone else's build as my own. My intention was to say that I was going to fix it when I realized I had destroyed part of the area. That no longer needs to be done. Apparently the "right" thing to do once I realized my mistake was to notify bugs and a mod. My bad. I'm sorry. Anyone else want to tell me some more unwritten rules I have to know by osmossis? 
  • Obviously Scottie simply didn't know the wither does damage to blocks. And he wasn't taking "free reign" he was just planning to continue working on a community build near his res that was being ignored. 
  • seems there are a few of these unwritten rules that are coming to light.
  • I am uncertain why ScottieT was banned for an accidental offense. I thought we only banned for purposeful rule breaks.
  • Since it was an accident and not meant to be harmful i don't really think a week ban is necessary. Accidents should be a talking to not a banning.
  • The ban was removed yesterday
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