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Megaman's connection issues

Until I get a new Cat5 cable, I won't be able to be on for lengths of time. That doesn't mean i wont try, but I really can't stand constantly being kicked off for seemingly no reason. I will be around, but maybe not as much for a few days.


  • Thanks for the heads up, and just worry about getting the issue fixed. 
  • Will be glad when you get it fixed.
  • FYI to everyone who may or may not care that I exist.

    My house is suffering from area wide connection problems due to our ISP being a complete moron. This is leading to unstable connections and in some cases, complete wiring overhauls. I will be scarce on the server for a little while, as our house is ancient and our wires need to be upgraded for whatever reason they're giving us for messing with our interwebs.

    Love peace and chicken grease to all of you while this gets sorted out.
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