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Death of Villagers

Background: My area (Bob_Keep) is a high traffic area for new players, since there is a spot right next to it that players respawn at if they die.  I have a small building with stuff to help out, and working on paths, signs, and free boats to help players get though and around my place to get to other places that have not been claimed.

It had been a few days, so yesterday, I went to check up on the villagers  at my main res.  I grew suspicious when I saw a baby villager, since I know I was at the max number of villagers for that area.  So I checked around and found that at least two where missing, since these were ones that I purposely fenced off to keep them in one spot (one in a restaurant and on in a school).  There was no way they could get out, and only myself and my wife have build permissions.  After "talking" to all of my librarians to make sure that I did not loose anyone that sold key enchanting books, I noticed that some of the books offered where different, and that the one that sold Fortune 3 acted like I had never traded with him before, and I know I worked him up to where he would sell name tags.  I was also missing one of my three golems.

There were also a couple gates left open (signs saying please close the gates just don't work apparently), but I don't think any of the villagers got out there.  All they have access to past the gate is some shoreline and respawn zone.  I also have a second village way to the SW, and that was untouched (I have a librarian that sells silk touch, and cannot loose him).

I have since worked up my librarian to where he sells name tags again, have replaced the two missing villagers, and remade the missing golem.  There are less librarians then I had before, so I will move some of my other villagers to a different spot in order to get the main area to reproduce. 

I have also created some subzones that I can turn damage off in to protect what needs protecting, and to leave other areas open so other players can hunt the loose animals. 

I do enjoy others looking around my area, using my villages, taking care of stray animals, etc.  All I ever ask is to close doors and gates after yourself, and don't kill villagers.  But apparently I need to take some additional steps.   


  • Sorry to hear that, Bob. The sad reality is that as we advertise and new players join, there will be griefers. In the past month there have been several griefers destroying builds the first chance they have after leaving spawn. Your situation stinks because we can't rollback the deaths to your villagers :(

    If you have some especially valuable villagers I would suggest moving them to a more secure location, especially if you want to leave Bob_keep open to gates/doors etc. Just don't call the secure location a jail because that has been known to upset the timid villagers. 
  • This is why I have turned damage off in the village for now.  Would love to turn it back on so people can kill the stray animals.  Maybe make a section that is away from the main village as a "private" section for key villagers.... ohhh.... the supreme council of the Cult of Steve..... move them to my fortress.
  • Or you could make a subzone around the villagers.
  • or we could just fill the area with tnt
  • For now yes, which I have...... but then I can make a decorative chamber for the religious leaders, make it a subzone and give trusted people permissions to use the doors for access..... possibilities are endless!  Too bad my Atlas Steve is not big enough for this...... or is it... hidden chamber in the head... maybe....
  • lol not with TNT... Ubu got his comment in before my response to Bugs

  • I would consider Ubu's kind option more. If the TNT explodes there is no mystery to how they died problem solved. But really making a subzone for special villagers and keeping important ant ones safe in damage free zones is a good idea.
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