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Please cast your vote for Moderator here

Please vote for one Moderator in the survey. If I left anyone off the list please feel free to write their name in the comment section for a vote.
We will be reviewing the results after a few days to make sure everyone has a fair chance to vote, and please include your name in the comment section so we can verify people are not voting multiple times. Thank you.


  • Though, wont more then one person become  a moderator? It only lets you vote once.
  • Step 1: go buy a new house. Then go buy a new computer and make a new email, password, and social security number before buying a new car so that you can drive to the bank to request a new credit card. This is where your new house comes in. Now, you can either use this as collateral or use it as a location they can find you if you don't pay up in a couple months. Then get a $25 loan to buy a new Minecraft account so that you can make a new forums account.

    Cast your second vote.
  • Bugs we are unsure of how many we will accept. This vote is to see who the community wants the most and if you want to include a second or third choice indicate so in the comments when you vote. I will be sharing the results with staff when we are done voting.
  • ceg i think you missed a few steps...

  • He missed the ...profit at the end.
  • Oh yeah, sorry.
  • should we who are in the running also cast votes?
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