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I accept I am part of a small minority of players on the server, and the majority wants 0 plugins so that this is a vanilla server which is fine. I was a exclusively CC player and I was on the server to build which is a pain in the ass without fly. It may seem a very small reason to quit a server but I cannot agree nor be part of a server that was supposed to "merge" CC and NBC not destroy CC and replace it with NBC. I have brought up my unhappiness to admins multiple times simply to be brushed off as its not what anyone else wants so goodbye. May CluckCluck ever look kindly upon thee.


  • im confused because they did implement fly
  • When was fly implemented I was asking today and was being told by a admin that they were not.
  • Flight is still being discussed and the plugin has already been installed, but we're not sure which way we will go with it.  Many users don't want it, many do, and the best consensus so far seems to be to have it in gameplay, but not in an unlimited fashion.

    Alternately we may allow unlimited flight as an option within residences, and it would be rare elsewhere.

    We're not opposed to new plugins, since we're already way past vanilla, but the consensus has been that we don't want to change too many game mechanics (like a fixed economy or everyone in flight).  If there was something from CC that you particularly liked, see if you can drum up some interest.
  • Ok still not to my point. We were told CC and NBC were being merged. They were not merged NBC took over and every single thing that made CC has been abandoned and whenever I or anyone bring it up we are told that's not what the majority want. That's fine if majority don't want fly or any plug ins, but for the people that preferred CC we are just being left out to dry. I never once saw a post in forums saying we are phasing out CC in favor of a plain vanilla server.
  • I am confused, fly is being implemented. Besides mcmmo, what did craft cat have over nbc?
  • all i know of is the economy plugin, and the pay for day/night/clear weather.

    fly was pretty much the only 'perk' that i saw that a lot of people wanted, and they're figuring out a way to get that out.
  • brbdogsonfire seems to be of the opinion that the only things that make up craftcat and NBC were what he saw and dealt with.  There are a lot of things that are being merged in from CC and NBC into a new server.  Not just the buildings, but there are serveral plug-ins that are being brought in as well as new plug-ins to get some different things.  MCMMO, I conomy, fly, and the ability to purchase various things are the biggest visible items that I can think of that CC offered over NBC.  

    People have wanted to move more towards that vanilla aspect of the game, hence Iconomy and MCMMO are ones that most people think should be eliminated.  Fly is being given thought and attention to for what we intend to do.  As to purchasing items and abilities, that all got mucky with Mojangs new rules.

    Nothing is being ignored from either server and everyone is being listened to.  Trust me, the conversations are constant on what we should be doing and what to bring in.
  • as i said in chat if there is enough interest i can do a plugin heavy server.  This server is community run, please work with the community.  
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    Did I miss something? What does the server have from CC that NBC did not. I would be happy if I could understand how CC has been integrated not subjugated.
  • The only things missing that were in CC that we have not implemented yet and are not going to implement as of right now are MCMMO and iConomy.  There weren't a ton of differences between the servers to begin with.
  • MCMMO the server has unanimously agreed was a bad thing it ruined the economy. iConomy could  have worked if MCMMO was not part of the server and if diamonds could not have been bought AND sold for 500 apiece as it set to static of a baseline. Still I am ok with these being removed, but fly is removed and if implemented will be massively reduced in effectiveness. Again this is fine if I can only use it while building which is what i would prefer it makes adventures fun still but if in order to obtain fly I must pay a price for a short term use all this does is create a situation where building will be even more resource heavy for no real reason other than we are afraid people will take advantage of it. No one forced anyone to use fly on CC. It was a choice and a choice that has been taken away so that those that do not want fly can enforce their beliefs on what makes a "enjoyable" build.
  • Also I am not saying the Pay to Win model should be brought back, paying a buck for a stack of diamonds or whatever it was is silly.
  • you also had to pay real money to get fly on CC, and that isn't happening on this server. Hence why they're trying to figure out a way to let others fly if they want to, but not have it free.

    Also they cannot sell items and whatnot with real money, that is now against mojang's rules
  • looks like we can enable fly within residences so i will be trying to enable that

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    Ubunt Cool happy to hear it. Harah I agree with not paying money for fly or anything I'm game. I disagree with having to pay a fee for a short term fly if I pay say 2 diamonds for an hour of fly its a fairly big wealth dump. I am OK paying a fee of diamonds or anything as a large one time thing if needed even if its more than I'd ever pay buying it individually. Just getting it done with and not having to do it every time I build would be nice since I'm on minecraft during studying and homework as a break it would punish me for being logged in not actively playing.
  • stack of diamonds = 1 year of fly
  • edited September 2014
    If we do a stack for a year can I just pay 2 for life I want to make this not a pain in the ass. My price I'm sure we can all agree is substantial and anymore makes me feel again like this is a huge resource sink.
  • the plugin to enable fly in residences is outdated and will not work.  i am still looking for another solution to the problem.
  • ubuntuguru, Yea I tried that on the other server but noticed the version mismatch with that flight for residence zones :(
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