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Limited world editting available

We have been discussing ways we can make playing on this server more enjoyable. One way we have decided to do this is by Admins performing some world editting for our players.

Allowable uses of world edit:
Moving a build
Changing blocks to similar blocks in a complete build
Removing all blocks in an area

Basically if we can do something that will help a player build easier we will consider it but the final decision will be up to whichever Admins does the edit with Ubu being able to say no always.

Now while we are willing to do this for everyone we would appreciate donations to the server. This is money I will never see and we will not prioritize for people that donate.

If you have editing you would like done please send me a message with coordinates and an explanation of what you would like done and I will take a look whenever I have time.


  • now my dreams of having all the water in the over world replaced with lava can come true!!!
  • Now requests have to be within reason.... No diamond fortress or anything ridiculous like that.  I will probably have to veto changing all the water in the world to lava... sorry Megamantrinity
  • Dashed my dreams into the rocky crags of reality like a swift battering ram of justice. I shed a single tear, but alas, one day my dream will come true.
  • I'm alright with this idea. Simple stuff that won't kill the economy but make this easier on players. I like it.
  • Would you be able to fill in a space?
  • Eh.... depends on what with. Maybe we should do something where if the have enough blocks, but not enough time, we can //set it for them.
  • Does this mean mods are capable of doing this world editing? Or just admins?
  • Ubu what do you think about granting individuals world edit. Would that be too selective?
  • Just admins can world edit currently.  Depending on the player granting access would be a case by case basis.  
  • Nah, I meant giving world edit power to certain mods who can handle the responsibility. Like Bobtheme.
  • *Sigh* I meant like the concept of Bob. We haven't seen Joel in a year, ubu. Certain mods get privledges others do not.
  • Intense blaming Ubu!
  • wait im confused, is bobtheme a good mod or a bad one?
  • Was he a bad mod or was of he became mod and immediately stopped playing?
  • I liked him.
  • It wasn't really that he was a bad mod, just that he knew the owners in real life so basically thought he could do anything and get away with it
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