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Mystery dirt and trees at my res

Yesterday noticed that there where seemingly random blocks of dirt, leaves, and wood scattered around my main res, Bob_Keep.  According to Amber's analysis of the dirt blocks, these were destroyed by creepers back in March.  Not sure if it was a game glitch or error in someone trying to restore blocks or what.  Whatever it was, damage was very minimal and most everything has been fixed (still finding a tree here or there away from my village that looks odd, but no big deal).


  • my guess... enderman
  • If you need your water turned into lava, we can do that now!
  • lol... Thanks for the offer, but I think I am good in the lava department.
  • you sure about the lava...
  • Think I misunderstood something all water is now lava.
  • Sounds like somebody may have accidentally rolledback creepers, maybe the area parameter was set too high or something similar. No worries though, should be an easy fix in most situations!
  • Oh lord bob, I rolled back some creepers around my house the other day. I might have made it too large considering there were quite a few craters. Sorry if I rolled back too much.
  • Not worries, was not hard to fix.... though you could compensate me with a mooshroom.....
  • one round of mooshroom's for everyone! it's mooshroom day and all mooshrooms are being paid for by CEG. he said so himself. 

    10:00:00 6/12/15 CEGryphony: Yes, I think everyone should have a mooshroom. I will buy a round for everyone.

    see? totally legit.
  • Hmm yes this evidence is damning. I hereby order one Cegryphony to pay a mooshroom to each player.
  • Deposit the Mooshroom in the little box.
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