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Application for the FTB Modded Server

edited June 2015 in FTB

This application is designed to let me know who you are as a player and see how you play minecraft. The modded server is gonna be a fun experience for new and old players of minecraft. I would like to see the community grow and flourish as a whole. There will be community server projects that will go on and there will be a spawn town that, I hope everyone that joins will contribute too.

Must have time on the Communitycraft server in order to be accepted on the modded server.


1. MineCraft name.

2. Date you joined Communitycraft (estimate).

3. Builds on the Communitycraft server.

4. Questions about the modded server.

5. How trust worthy are you.

6. What will you bring to the modded server.

7. What will you like to see happen on the modded server.

8. Interesting info or things I should know about you.


DISCLAIMER: There will be no grief protections in place on the server. If you are caught breaking rules or causing trouble for other players, you will be banned.


There will be a whitelist of players that can get on.


Rules and guidelines will come out following the server going up in the next couple of weeks.


I encourage everyone from the community server to apply.


  • Pyro_Clasm

    Since the beginning

    My house at ./res tp pyro and my in progress star destroyer about 500 ish blocks from it


    Personally I think I'm trustworthy enough but that's more for others to decide

    My awesome personality:)

    I dont know at this point

    I am awesome
  • The server should be coming up sometime tonight or tomorrow night plus a small list of rules and guidlines
  • the server is up and under the server up post it is open to all fo the time being
  • 1. ehickey

    2. Launch

    3. residences "castle", "temple", "prison", "doodle".  I build in bursts.

    4. None yet

    5. I promise, with absolute conviction and honesty, that you can trust me completely and without question, and that if I ever do anything depraved or otherwise improper then I either didn't do it or I ultimately somehow did it for your future benefit, depending on how much room there is for me to spin a good lie, and only if I can't frame someone else for my own wrongdoing first, because *I* would never do "wrong", even while doing it.

    6. Mostly curiosity about FTB

    7. I'd like it to do some crazy shit with FTB so I can satisfy my curiosity about it

    8. I am not awesome.  I was extremely awesome, but I got so awesome that its value hit 35536 - and since awesomeness is only stored in a 16 bit space, it flipped me back to zero.  So I am no longer awesome.

  • Someone hire this man!
  • OneDadApocalypse

    Since the beginning

    My castle at residence OneDad not finished just keeps getting bigger

    No questions I played on the one that nbc started

    Hmm trustworthy... oh yeah I'm very trustworthy just ask me.

    I like to build the machines to do everything for me

    I would like to see more people getting into to it

    I crashed the nbc server with one of my machines I forgot to flip the failsafe switch, I guess I forgot I put it in

  • Oh yeah hey Attack88 long time no see
  • hey can you guys try to get on the server the address is in a post ing the FTB section of the forums, been trying to get some bugs worked out.



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