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Tha amount of zombie flesh...

.... in the gold grinder is too damn high!  As well as gold swords.


  • yea its a sorting issue that needs to be fixed


  • I'll fix the sorter whenever i can get back on also people told me NOT TO DESTROY ZOMBIE FLESH
  • i think it would be good to keep some chest of it for those that asked but once full the rest can get deleted bc its just way too much

  • I just cleared out most if not all of the swords so it should work better now.  I also took a significant portion of the zombie flesh.
  • Grinder is clogged with swords and flesh again.
  • Ya i know I kinda gave up on keeping it cleared out for awhile but maybe ill fix it again today.
  • I did it this morning.
  • What was clogging it up?  Overfill, or just redstone being unreliable?

    If it was overfill, you can add an overfill release by pointing a comparitor to the last chest that would fill, and if that lights up it triggers a dropper to eject material from that chest (onto the ground or into lava), preventing it from ever overfilling again.

  • The problem with the overfill is reloading the chunk sometimes glitches it up. I know as I had something doing that set up a while back but it broke. I have some ideas on things that might work
  • Imo we should let it fill one single chest with flesh for those of us with Villagers who will trade for the stuff.
  • I'll set that up for you when I next get on
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