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TheGreatZelda Apllying Graciously. ^_^

Been on the server for a little more than a week now. Enjoying the company and community. I thought I'd apply to become a fellow res. :D


  • Definitely a yes from me!
  • Might want to let others know what builds you have and what future plans you have for those who do not know.  But you have my vote of yes!
  • I'm an example of people who don't know you at all therefore I can't vote with any conviction
  • I would say yes because I know you. You really should put a comment with a full application though, as others have said, it helps with the decision making process.
  • edited June 2015
    Yes. I think you should be awarded: The most beacons obtained in the shortest amount of time. :D
  • Others are right. You would be a great resident and there is no doubt in my mind we will all continue to vote yes.

    With that said please review other applications and include a bit more about yourself. After that we can promote you as long as everyone continues saying yes.
  • I will promote next time I see you in game. 
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