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what will be rules for the end

What will be the rules for the end? Is the dragon already dead or will we do a group hunt? Will new players ever get a chance at a dragon egg?


  • Dragon is dead, I think dragon egg should be used in some giant minigame or atraction.
  • I would say that no one person or anyone sets up a claim on the main island as I don't think it's a good idea to mine it away. Or maybe we could allow mining it but restore it every week or so via world edit. Anyway, I'd suggest people can make builds/claims in there as long as it's away from the main island.
  • Sounds fair. Will there be ways for new people to get there hands on a dragon egg I could use one for my build as a centerpiece of cathedral
  • Well normally since there exists only one dragon Egg. It's pretty rare. Maybe a super difficult game someone could set up that players have to complete to obtain a dragon egg?
  • Such as the final prize in PvE that is hidden somewhere? *hint* *hint*
  • or we could always just re-set the end and use the dragon as a sort of raid boss.
  • um, not sure about that last one.  people like to make things like endgrinders and to have them removed or reset is kinda scary.  are we able to just leave the main island like normal and spawn the dragon in the end for that?

  • edited September 2014
    think of what the endgrinder did to the economy it made enchants pretty worthless. Why are we removing McMMo and iConomy but allowing people a way to ruin economies in different ways? Plus I want a dragon egg      D : and thus my true reasons come out.
  • I am sorry, but I was one of the biggest enchanted items seller and the products were far from worthless. I would easily sell things for 80k cats or 160 diamonds. An eff 4 u3 pick would go from 8k(16 diamonds). I doubt an end grinder would ruin the economy, besides i am sure people have already built a golem grinder and a blaze grinder
  • We can get into debates all we like about what can/has/will ruin an economy.  However the simple truth is that you can play this game without having to purchase a single item from any other player.  For that reason alone I think that a grinder should be acceptable.  Just because a person charges a stupidly high price, a good price, or a stupidly low price doesn't change the effectiveness of an enchantment.  

    Fun Fact: Mojang doesn't like grinders!  They take away from the original essence of the game they say.
  • It would be awesome to reset the end ever so often... but after about 5 times the egg will be worth nothing. Also since there are warps/res' there it would be easy for anyone to get thousands of eggs. THough in the 1.9 update of the game there will be a possiblity to bring back the dragon without commands. Otherwise it would't be a great idea. I say we wait till then and see if it works for our server.
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