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Nomiafae applying for res! (finally)

Hi guys I'm nomiafae and I'm here to apply for res, I didn't see any cut and paste format to apply so erm here we go...

I have played minecraft for 1 or 2 years in the really vanilla times with some friends but Lets just count me as a noob since I'm still a bit lost on this recent update.
I enjoy helping others build, I'm not into my creative juices just yet but hey... I'm free labor! no really I'm free stop paying me...
Urrmm I'm on at random times of day but on weekdays it should be after 2 pm usually. and weekends its just whenever.

My future plans are to get your builds finished as quick as I can! supplies, building, I do whatever!. but personally I wanna build this really bright and big town.. wayy future though ahahaha....
I'm not good at talking about myself so.. I'm done :P



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