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Minecraft Server Status

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Server up

OK guys and gals the FTB server is up and as a new server start it will be open to all (don't ruin it)

Server ip:
Server name: Communitycraft.FTB

come hang out and have fun 


  • Are we aloud to go even if we didn't apply?
  • does it say why your getting kicked

  • To clarify you need the ftb launcher and load the FTB infinity pack at the lastest update do ge the launcher downloaded
  • make sure you have the server ip in correctly. if it wont let you on ill tweak it tomorrow after work and get it running smoothly.

    the version is 1.6.2
  • I tried to join but I have no idea what version of the pack your currently running. It's not 1.6.2 and I tried the latest recommended release of 1.8.2 and still get mod rejections. Can you post in your server banner, the version of the pack your running so players know what to use before joining?
  • its 1.7.0 and the ip is the same as the top but i change a setting see if itll let you join been having trouble with it 

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