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edited September 2014 in General
I am currently starting work on a PvE for the server and I would like opinions on some of the following.

  • Would you like it to be open for anyone to use anytime? Or just when a admin/moderator/me is on?
  • Is there any theme you would like?  Right Now I am just doing a labyrinth type thing.
  • Do you like puzzles?
  • Do you have any materials on the list below?
  1. Stone
  2. Mossy Stone of any kind
  3. Vines (Don't need much as it grows)
  4. Redstone
  5. Pumpkins (I have my reasons)
  6. Wool (Preferably darker shades)
  7. Bookshelves (Library's are good places to hide things.)
And one last question that will be ultimately decided by the admins...
What if the dragon egg was a final prize in PvE, hidden in some super hard area to get to/find?

I will ad more questions as needed.


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