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edited June 2015 in Resident App
Hello! I wish to apply for residency. You may know me as the guy who keeps asking to have his nether portals lit, or the guy who gets far to excited about his admittedly minor redstone inventions. I'm a newblood and I believe I've been here since the 18th.

I'm planning on building a large city on, under, over and around an island chain, expanding my knowledge of redstone, and hopefully helping people who need it. I've been playing since 1.2.5, recently tried modded for the first time before coming here. To be truthful, I've a history as a server jumper. Going from place to place, often for no more then a few days. I've been pretty consistant on this server so far, but if that's an issue I've been straight up about it. I'm hoping I've found my home for real this time if you'll have me. If you want me to stick around longer before considering me a resident, so be it. 


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