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Time to plan a city

With spawn selected for the cities server it is now time to move forward with the server.

While Admins/mods finish up spawn we would like anyone interested in participating to start planning a city based on the following rules

1. Name of city that fits theme
2. Theme
3. Physical location on server.

Each contest will be for a build for the cities. Each city can enter only once per project. The build must fit the theme of the city. Each player that works on the project for the city will receive 100% of the prize to ensure larger groups are not penalized. Each player can only belong to one city at a time but will be allowed to join another city if they abandon their first.

Sorry if I forgot anything and if there are any suggestions please let me know.


  • Not sure how much I like the 2+ players per city.... I tend to design and build alone
  • im guessing if the city is built out enough we can allow it.  But we dont want a single player to build a house and call it a city
  • Lord Bob thinking about it I actually agree with your point. If a player wants to build a city alone it will be allowed.
  • So... when does this start?
  • players are allowed to start building cities whenever.  If you would like a tp to someplace specific let a staff member know and we will make it happen.
  • So.... I thought that this was going to be creative mode and not survival.  Was I wrong?
  • Cities has been planned to be the modded server but not creative.
  • Heres my application. I'm not done with the inside yet, but the towers are done. 
  • LordBobX: R'lyeh at x:7562, z:12382?

    The ocean is shallow, but that can be fixed very easily.
  • Bugs, I assumed you had to build your city on the cities server, not on creative.
  • edited July 2015
    I do not mean each player must start their city to register. Honestly all I want to establish someone as owning a city is a name, coordinates of city, a list of players in city including owner, and each city should have a theme that ties the city together. 

    All contests will be built on the cities server. Moving the spawn ships from creative was meant as a one time thing. Sorry bugs, it looks great, but I don't want to set a precedent of moving to much over from creative.
  • Oh, okay. In that case here's the info. 

    Name: Bugs City 
    Cordinates: Somewhere in ireland 
    Theme: commercial, future
  • edited July 2015
    I know its a bit odd of an idea but I think each player having an arrival zone for their cities and departures to other cities. So like an airport, port, rail station, carraige station, etc. Then we can setup teleports between cities. There is no planned end point for this so I will see how people are doing in a couple weeks to see if we need more time.
  • Love that idea, makes it easier for everyone to see other's cities.  Probably need longer than a few weeks, have not seen anyone else on.

  • I was hoping I didn't see people on due to how late I've been on. I have not been recruiting recently and new players tend to make resources easier to purchase and helps current players stay around. I am off today I'll consider recruiting since I'll be around.
  • Question, how does one set a way to teleport back home on the Cities server?  So used to using residences...
  • Also, I cannot find any chickens
  • One more thing, cannot seem to find any lava pools for which to make obsidian with.
  • Give me an area and I can give you some lava pools.

  • My cords are 6671 135 4710
  • I created a pool north of your build.
  • ty... that's... a lot o' lava....
  • Well I counted the lava around the build and I found very little, much like you said. I figured lava is easy to get so its best you have access to it like a player normally would. I am going to investigate this issue and see why such low amounts of lava seem to be spawning.
  • The problem seems like the map was originally very big and got shrunk down, so areas that would be pools are now just one block, which would also explain why there are on block wide shafts of sand or dirt or shone instead of areas.
  • OK is the nether normal? If we can use that instead of lava pools for people that would be great.
  • Yes it is, but you need obsidian to make the portal
  • Three things:

    Died and did not res at bed with an error message of "bed missing or obstructed", though it is neither (but did get all my stuff back)

    NO CHICKENS ANYWHERE!  I have a few that had to be given to me by a mod, but have yet to find a wild chicken

    Finally found a village at 6935 3879.  Have fenced it off and given them light to protect them.  But they are missing a farmer type.
  • Good work. Villagers will breed and get a farmer.
  • I'll be free to investigate the chicken issue tonight. Are other animals spawning?
  • I have seen all other animal types spawning, just not chickens.

  • OK. The truth is when it comes to server commands I am bad at them so I do not know how to check and correct this issue. What I can do is provide an area that players may receive chicken spawn eggs until I get this issue sorted. Would that be adequate until its fixed?
  • Currently at 7506 3702, harvesting an oak in the forest, getting mining fatigue from and elder guardian attack
  • Found an underwater temple just below the ground at 7464 3704. There is a pond with flowing water, follow underground to temple
  • Yay! Just found wild chickens at 7497 4187
  • More and more chickens discovered
  • So the issue the entire time is LordBob cannot find chickens because he doesn't know how to look. Simple.
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