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Mega's Maze

Hey everyone,
I am alive, and doing well. I have started working on my maze again. After tooling around the interwebs looking for inspiration, i have found it, and I am currently making more and more of my maze for our wonderful server to enjoy. I am currently working on the fourth floor. The first three floors are available for anyone to enjoy currently, but fair warning, it is difficult. 

The fourth floor will be even more difficult, and as I continue making floors, it will continue to get harder and harder.

the ban on flying is no longer necessary. I need to find some way to allow everyone to use the doors, buttons, and levers. 


  • The fourth floor is complete. 
  • Nice man. I have not been through the maze but everything you have done with that tower has looked awesome. I will come check it out next time we are both on.
  • if we can figure out a way to open up pressure plate, button, and door usage for everyone, then you could check it out on your own. 

    Thanks for the compliment. I have worked very hard on it. I plan on making it even more impressive, perhaps designing something we can advertise and get people on just to experience it

  • Ok so I assume everyone is too busy  with other things but I want to keep this alive because a few more people are wanting to run through this maze.

    There are levers, pressure plates, buttons, and doors, that need to be able to be used. What if I remove the res, and we find a new way to make it so the blocks cant be broken? Would a region be better than a res for this particular build?

  • a region would be much better if you want id be willing to set one up for you but id need to know where to put it
  • we should find a time to meet up. I can be on just about anytime. just hit me up on skype or something. 
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