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Name Changed!!!!!

Changed my name to _TheDanGamer_


  • OK if no one else has I'll make this new name a resident soon. Did you have a residence that you need modyfied.
  • I still have my rank, But my residency i cant use anymore

  • OK I will help. What is the name of your residence.
  • FreddysPlace

  • I also lost all my items , I dont think you can fix that, can you?
  • All my enchanted Diamond Stuff..
  • edited August 2015
    Let me look into it. Is there anyway you can be online soon?

    Edit: I will help replace important items you lost from the name change out of my personal resources. Let me know what you need.

  • I dont know the enchants... But I had Diam Swordd and Diam Pick. Those were my most important..
  • Ok no problem I will make a sword and pick with good enchants for you. I will leave it in your residence, and I will try and fix the residence issue.
  • You have been readded to your residence. In the future if you are going to name change add your new name to the residence and empty inventory before changing. Thanks. Also I put a good pick and sword in a chest in your residence.
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